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6 reasons why you should switch from a self-hosted to a cloud-based PMS

Traditionally, hospitality businesses have adopted costly on-premise systems that are often outdated and can cause devastating consequences should the servers fail. In recent years, cloud hosting has increased in popularity, due to its scalability, flexibility and elimination of physical storage, as the software is accessed via an online server.

Taking this a step further are companies that offer their software with cloud hosting built-in, known as Software as a Service (SaaS). Forward-thinking SaaS companies have the added advantages of providing clients with rapid deployment and automated upgrades when new features are released. They also enable groups and chains to manage multiple properties from one centralised location.

Switching to a cloud-based PMS can make a significant difference to the overall success of your property. Here are just a handful of reasons why.

1. Data security is stronger

Implementing and maintaining a secure PMS system has never been more crucial. As cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated, businesses are responsible for ensuring that they adopt the strongest security measures to protect their database.

Cloud-based systems are good defence mechanisms that, unlike self-hosted systems, regularly update with the latest security developments, which gives added protection against data breaches. These systems also conduct regular back-ups to the cloud, making it much easier to recover data in the unlikely event of a breach. 

The best part is that your PMS vendor provides full IT and maintenance support, so you can focus your attention on operations and guest engagement.

To dive deeper into the importance of database security for your business, you can access our security blog series here.

2. Cut down on costs

A major benefit of a cloud-based PMS platform is that there’s no need to store data in physical servers or invest in costly hardware. This drastically reduces ongoing maintenance and hosting costs as everything is securely stored electronically in the cloud. Cloud-based providers are also able to share the cost among their customers, which means you can receive the best possible tech at an affordable price. Plus, any updates, like the ones we mentioned above, come at no extra cost. 

3. Boost operational productivity

If there’s one thing a cloud-based PMS does well, it’s that it makes life easier for property managers and staff. With everything you need located in a single, centralised platform, you can integrate seamlessly with third parties, create customisable dashboards for individual users and automate everyday tasks for a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

4. Effectively manage staff 

Gone are the days when staff had to clock in and out using a bulky employee attendance recorder. The same goes for task management. Get the most out of your cloud-based PMS system by combining technological advances with staff productivity. Interactive staff portals make it easy for housekeepers to access via their mobile or tablet. They can track their time, update room status to clean and use the chat function to communicate with the front desk. Property managers can increase staff efficiency by evenly allocating tasks to staff on duty, marking certain tasks as high priority and monitoring how long tasks take to complete.

5. Access from anywhere

Another significant benefit for property owners who adopt a cloud-based PMS is the ability to access the software from any location, at any time, provided they have an internet connection. This is particularly advantageous for groups and chains as they can monitor each property without having to physically be on-site. The centralised cloud system contains all the data from each individual property, allowing for easy access. 

“The cloud solution allows us to seamlessly interface with new systems as we scale our business, giving us greater agility. Having a holistic view of our operations allows us to better identify trends and harness the strength of Ascott’s global portfolio to deliver greater value to our business partners and customers.”

Alfred Ong, Head of Global Operations at The Ascott Limited

6. Compare property performance

The huge advantage of going cloud-based if you’re a multi-property owner is the ability to oversee all your properties in real time. By using your PMS’ reporting tools, you can accurately compare as many properties as you choose to see what’s working and what can be improved across your business. And if you’re a single property looking to expand? The cloud has you covered for that too. Cloud systems are designed to grow with you, whether that means adding more properties to your collection or adjusting your internal operational processes.

Many businesses favour their legacy systems as they like to be able to see where their data is stored. But as we become more technologically advanced and businesses plan for future growth, features like scalability and reliability become key considerations. Switching to a cloud-based PMS is a big decision, but one that will benefit you and your hospitality business now and in the future.

RMS Cloud delivers hospitality technology solutions tailored to you. Speak to one of our expert consultants to see how RMS Cloud can help you and your hospitality business grow and succeed.

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