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Trust accounting software

Owner and trust compliance made easy

RMS’ trust accounting software features are powerful and intuitive with key accounting tools to help efficiently run your business. Manage a variety of Letting Agreements configurations, make payments to owners & suppliers, reconcile your bank statements, manage accounts receivable and an intuitive end of month wizard to help you balance each and every time.

Gain access to detailed inspections and maintenance management, checklists, an Owners Portal, a dedicated Owner/Trust Accounting support team and much more.

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Keep one step ahead of your compliance and reporting

RMS Cloud deliver on providing you with the best solutions to trust accounting within a 100% cloud-based software so you can easily access reports from anywhere in the world.
RMS Cloud Module Market - integrate with 400 PMS partners

World class software join ARAMA Members

Unlock powerful benefits with RMS being the only Australian provider to be recognised by the Australian Resident Accommodation (ARAMA). RMS Cloud assists resident managers with critical fiscal compliance in this heavily legislated industry while also offering a suite of world-class software tools that support complex owner/trust accounting requirements, multi-property management, distribution, marketing and much more.

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Trust accounting tools

With no company too big or small, RMS Cloud’s trust accounting software can be relied upon with its backed up renowned service and on-going development. RMS’ trust accounting software features are powerful and intuitive with key accounting tools to help efficiently run your business. Easily integrate third parties, make payments to owners, bank reconciliation and end of month on the market, detailed inspections and maintenance management, permanent, holiday and commercial trust accounting, comprehensive CRM, SMS, MS Outlook and Word integration, procedures, checklists and much more.

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Make sure your owners are kept happy

RMS Cloud has a variety of management rights solutions to assist in communicating between residents and strata titled properties. RMS has put themself in the shoes of owners and managers to ensure all accounting, letting and agreements have been met within a smooth easy to use property management system. Gain access to features that will enhance your business with:

  • Flexible pay options, owners and the managers can receive payments during or at the end of the month cycle
  • Establish individual payment arrangements for each owner
  • Manage bulk owner charges, be able to upload multiple charges to owner accounts anytime
  • End of month expenses, set up owner charges per letting agreements
  • Any combination of permanents, holiday lettings and owner-occupied units in the same complex
  • Choose which units are in the letting pool at any time
  • Tools to assist in the even allocation of reservations across units
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Owners portal

Be in control with RMS’ digital owner portal, where owners can view their unit’s availability, make owner-occupied reservations, track upcoming bookings and print end-of-month statements from one central system.

RMS give property owners the tools to share and customise access only features within the portal, enabling complete control over how much or how little your owners can see.

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