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RMS Cloud partners with OTA Insight
Partners & Integrations
RMS Cloud partners with OTA Insight to enhance properties’ business performance

RMS Cloud has announced a partnership with OTA Insight, the cloud-based data intelligence platform for the hospitality industry. Integrating RMS Cloud’s PMS with OTA Insight’s leading business intelligence solution, Revenue Insight, will give hospitality operators access to practical insights via a user-friendly dashboard to help them make data-driven business decisions. This eliminates the need to compile data and analyse it manually, instead offering a streamlined solution to help improve their performance and pricing strategy. “The integration with OTA Insight has come at an opportune moment, as many properties are struggling to make sense of their data to make smart revenue and business decisions, following the impact of COVID,” says Peter Ferris, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at RMS Cloud. “Being able to seamlessly compare revenue data from their PMS platform against market intelligence provided by OTA Insight's Revenue Insight tool will remove the barrier many managers face when having to identify and analyse data manually. Combined with the revenue-generating tools in RMS Cloud, properties will have a much stronger, smarter and streamlined solution for generating the best possible price points.” “Revenue Insight is proving to be the ideal business intelligence tool for integration with the industry’s leading PMS suppliers, therefore it’s brilliant to be partnering with RMS Cloud, an innovator in hotel tech, with a significant footprint across Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific,” says Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO at OTA Insight. “Having recently been awarded number one business intelligence software by HotelTechReport for 2021, we’re confident that joint customers of Revenue Insight and RMS Cloud will be receiving the very best business and revenue insights.” With historical data becoming more and more redundant for effective revenue management forecasting, this integration will greatly benefit operators in better predicting demand and identifying market trends. Enhanced intelligence with RMS’ 360° reporting tool, will enable operators to expand and collapse report summaries to view granular data, further streamlining the process.

Partners & Integrations
RMS integrates with OpenKey to further enhance contactless check-ins

We’ve teamed up with OpenKey, the leading provider of digital key solutions, to allow our clients to implement a fully contactless check-in strategy. In conjunction with the guest portal, clients will now have the ability to add automated mobile keys to their digital check-in process when they connect to OpenKey through RMS' module market. "We’re dedicated to streamlining the check-in process to provide a more pleasant and efficient experience for hotel guests,” says Peter Ferris, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at RMS. “We're excited to partner with OpenKey toward that end." With the OpenKey and RMS integration, properties simply need to locate the guest’s mobile number under their reservation and they can then send an encrypted digital key to their smartphone. "At OpenKey, our goal is to help hotels deliver a seamless guest experience while unburdening hotel staff via state-of-the-art technology," says Jacob Liggett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at OpenKey. "We are thrilled to integrate with a leading reservation and property management technology company like RMS to bring elevated convenience to guests and hotel staff alike." As well as providing a contactless guest experience, this process also creates a faster, more efficient check-in, eliminating wait times and creating a smooth guest transition as they can instantly head to their room on arrival. On top of that, RMS and OpenKey work in tandem within the PMS system, meaning there is no need to switch between platforms, making it a smarter workflow for staff. To find out more about OpenKey, you can check out their website which includes a video of how the digital key works.

How can I advance my property’s sustainability efforts right now?

“Sustainability is still a big priority for my hotel’s leadership team and our guests, but the current environment has made it nearly impossible to make additional investments in this area. What are some ways that I can use the technology we already have to make our operations more sustainable?” Sustainability has become a key goal for numerous hospitality brands and independent properties as companies become more invested in corporate social responsibility. Implementing an effective sustainability strategy gives hotels a competitive advantage in attracting guests as well as attracting and retaining top talent, as travelers and employees look for green, ethical, moral, and inclusive businesses that align with their personal values and goals. While physical methods for increasing sustainability might be more obvious—from installing low-flow showerheads and motion sensor LED lights to furnishing rooms with eco-friendly materials—there are many ways for hotels to take advantage of technology to support sustainability goals. Here are some low-cost, quick-to-implement solutions using a property management system (PMS) that can help hotels accelerate incremental change towards sustainability. 1. Go paperless Eliminate the need for paper in day-to-day operations by implementing digital registration, billing, and communications with guests. 2. Green housekeeping Offer a green rate to guests that is tied to housekeeping. If guests choose this option for their stay, housekeeping is notified to conserve resources such as not changing sheets and towels every day, not putting out small plastic toiletries and not stocking plastic water bottles in the room. 3. Give back Set up an optional carbon-neutral fee that guests can choose to add to their reservation, and donate all money collected to environmental causes. 4. Reduce plastic use Many property management systems integrate with keyless entry software that lets guests use a mobile device to access their room and other hotel facilities in place of plastic key cards. 5. Choose sustainable partners Ensure supply chain and tech stack partners are committed to sustainability. Check to see if your cloud-based PMS is hosted in an energy-efficient environment and if your PMS can interface with an energy management system (EMS). Answered by Matthew Galbraith, director of operations, RMS North America

RMS Unveils New and Improved Internet Booking Engine

SAN DIEGO (November 19, 2020) - RMS North America, a provider of fully integrated, cloud-based reservation and property management systems to 6,000 properties in the hospitality industry, unveiled its updated internet booking engine (IBE) to address the needs of modern travelers and help property owners increase their direct bookings. RMS’ IBE enables properties to accept direct online bookings from any device in real time and integrates with all other RMS distribution and property management features. Based on guest and customer feedback, the new booking engine combines enhanced functionality with design improvements to deliver a better user experience and increase conversion. “Our new booking engine is native to the RMS system and is a key piece of functionality for clients to drive direct bookings,” said Matthew Galbraith, Director of Operations for RMS North America. “This update gives operators the ability to sell at the category or room level, and offer curated upsells with images throughout the reservation experience to increase revenue per booking.” In the new RMS booking engine, guests will see a clean layout with a snapshot display screen showing relevant content, a shopping cart style booking process, the ability to view cancellation policies, and a handy map link for travel directions - all guest-centric improvements to create a better booking experience. For property managers, an additional perk is the ability to make it a seamless extension of their current website. They can add logos and customize colors to match their brand, and enterprise users can tailor the booking engine to each individual property in their portfolio. “As an important revenue driver for properties, RMS will continue to enhance the booking engine based on customer feedback,” Galbraith continued. “Our goal is always to help our customers operate efficiently and profitably, while enhancing the guest experience.”

3 Helpful Reports Your PMS Should Offer to Save You Money

The more you know about your business, the easier it is to make informed decisions. If you've been working with pen and paper for years, you know how time-consuming it can be to calculate earnings, make projections, or do tax preparation.  Thankfully, one of the best qualities of a revenue management system is the reporting module. Within this high-powered system, you should have access to reports that can be created automatically, at customized intervals, or on demand. When integrated directly into your accounting software, reports can provide you detailed perspective on what's working for you (or not). The less time you have to spend with a calculator, the more time and money you have to spend on running your business. Some of the most helpful reports your PMS should provide are Daily Reports, Weekly or Monthly Financial Reports and Custom Reports. Find out how to these reports can help save you money: Daily Reports Your system will automatically generate reports such as each day’s scheduled arrivals and departures, any balances on accounts, or alerts and reminders from your calendar such as bills due, equipment maintenance, or personal appointments.  Weekly or Monthly Financial Reports These reports have a slightly “taller” view of the business such as ongoing taxes owed, revenue received, or occupancy reports and trends. Your PMS should allow you to set the frequency that these reports are generated to help keep you and your professional team on track.  Custom Reports Every business is different, so each will have unique needs for reports. Your reservation software solution (and their supportive customer service) should allow you to set up a report that you want just once, and then automatically generate that report based on the frequency you need it. It can even be sent to you or your team members automatically.

The 4 Tools You Need to Manage a Property with Multiple Owners

From vacation rentals to short-term stay residences, many hospitality businesses/property management companies deal with properties that have multiple owners. This setup provides multiple sources of revenue for management companies including management fees and cleaning fees, but can be complicated when it comes to owner accounting, reporting and communication with owners. This is where a property management system with built-in owner management capabilities can simplify day-to-day operations and allow for the management companies to sell rooms or rental units on multiple channels. When evaluating systems, look for the following three tools to make managing a property with multiple owners of units, rooms or sites easier: Seamless Individual Billing Property managers need to be able to associate owners to specific rooms within their property management system, and have the ability to pay out an automatically calculated amount of reservation revenue from those rooms to their owners. For example, if someone owns Units B & C at a property, the manager can associate the owner’s name to those specific units in the system. When a guest comes to stay in Unit C, the owner management module will automatically determine the correct payout amount allowing the manager to easily pay the room revenue earned directly to the owner. With the right billing tool, managers can also save both time and resources by automating expenses billed to the owners, no matter the fee type. Look for a system that allows for a variety of billable fee types such as percentage-based commissions, housekeeping fees, monthly fees, credit card processing fees and more. Intuitive Owners Portal An owners portal is a powerful tool that allows owners to log in to a special view of the areas or rooms that they own within a property, and manage their own units. By giving owners access to an owners portal, they can create or modify their own reservations, export their own statements and more. The owners portal should also give property managers complete control over what owners have access to within the portal, and allow them to enable or disable owner access independently. Extensive Reporting Capabilities A variety of reports can help property managers better manage and communicate with owners. Owners should have access to detailed reporting that provides real-time visibility into their particular unit’s performance, such as the Owner Ledger Report, Statement Invoice and Owner Income Summary. Property managers also need visibility into the property’s performance as a whole, so the ability to view all owner statements in a single system can enable data-driven decision-making based on reservation and revenue trends. Built-In Inventory Rotation As a management company with multiple owners, it is important to offer an even distribution of bookings to each individual owner. To ensure fairness for everyone, a fully equipped system should offer inventory rotation that shows how often a room or site is booked and automatically assign guests to the least booked room. By implementing inventory rotation, you are guaranteeing that bookings are evenly distributed among owners.

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