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Our story

Changing what's possible with constant innovation 

Our game changing technology has redefined the possibilities in PMS technology. At RMS Cloud, we are proud to have 40+ years global experience in providing enterprise property management software to the world. Our cloud-based software allows businesses to centralise all operations and streamline efficiencies from anywhere, any time and from any device.

RMS Cloud Australia HQ

Delivering market-leading innovation for 40 years

Our robust property management system is leading the global hospitality industry by providing property owners with the technology they need to succeed. Our journey has allowed us to be experts in cloud technology having moved to the cloud over a decade ago.

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Experience you can trust

RMS have been developing property and reservations management systems for over 30 years

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Pioneering Cloud-Based PMS

Our cloud-based PMS provides real-time functionalities and seamless communication to your business.

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A reliable scalable solution

One of the world's most secure PMS platforms that grows as you grow

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Everything you need to run your business

Trusted by more than 6,500+ properties across 45 countries

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Adaptable market leaders

We proudly support the holiday park, hotel, motel and apartment segments with specialty applications for the mining, defence, facility and shopping centre industries.


Innovative technology

We continually enhance our product to keep you at the forefront of tech innovation

Our success story

We are proud to be offering enterprise technology to the world from our humble but strong foundation of successes. With decades of experience, our story speaks for itself when revealing our journey and innovative product.

Over 40+ years' experience

RMS Cloud is a family-owned company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with over 200 staff across Australia, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. RMS Founder and Managing Director Peter Buttigieg laughs when he remembers the early days in the mid-80s, pre-everything. 'Back then we were competing with pen and paper.'

"Our biggest challenge was to convince people that computers would make their lives easier rather than harder," he says. 'I even had to teach some clients what a keyboard was...'

 Peter, a systems architect who had been working in finance IT, started RMS after helping a friend who'd bought some terrible reservations software for his caravan park. He quickly identified travel as a major tech and business opportunity, took it and hasn't looked back.

'At the time I was looking for something to get into. It seemed obvious that travel in Australia was never going to get smaller and so RMS was born.'

Peter Buttigieg, CEO and Founder, RMS Cloud

The evolution of success

RMS is regarded as one of the world's top hospitality technology companies, with its industry-leading property management system with over 184,00 active users in 70 countries. RMS made the move to a cloud-based system in 2015 and has been seminal ever since.

'It means we're a one-stop-shop providing an entire property technology infrastructure' says Peter

'The very first property management program we wrote was in an operating system called CPM,' he says. 'We then had to re-write in MS-DOS and then again in Windows before being one of the first to move to a cloud-based system in 2015.'

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Driving the future of global hospitality

At RMS we are always looking into the future and how we can develop new technologies that support growth. Mobility is a major focus with RMS recently developing mobile check-in technology that allows users to bypass the front desk and go straight to their room.

Meanwhile, the rise of online travel agents continues to have a profound impact on hospitality technology. To stay ahead of the pack, RMS offers greater distribution efficiencies with a native channel manager module that feeds directly into its core PMS.

'In the beginning, we were simply providing parks and hotels with a reservation system but our role has grown to incorporate all elements of property management - everything from bookings through to housekeeping through to payments. RMS continues to bring market-leading enhancements to it's platform every year with an ever expanding core functionality and custom extensions for all types of advanced users.

'It's so important for us to keep evolving – technology never stands still," says Peter.


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Frequently asked questions

What does RMS Cloud do?

RMS Cloud provides the world with leading cloud-based property management software. We help 6,500+ properties around the world successfully streamline their property management with our advance features that include; day-to-day operations, marketing growth, easy accounting and reporting, management of staff and 2-way guest communication - all in real time from any devise, at any time and from anywhere in the world. 

What does RMS stand for?

RMS is an enterprise PMS that has grown to be more than just a 'Reservation, Management, System' and offers more than a 'Revenue, Management, System'. At RMS Cloud, we  provide a solution beyond the norm of reservations and revenue management of today and have redefined what the future of management systems should encompasses. 

How long has RMS Cloud been trading?

RMS Cloud was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1983 and has been trading ever since. The evolution of RMS Cloud is a long and learned journey which is why we are global experts in property management software. From our humble beginnings of selling door-to-door software in Melbourne to, today, being an award-winning cloud-based enterprise solution trusted by properties across the globe. Our 35+ years of experience has given the world a true solution for property management that is forever evolving and innovating.

Do you offer an on-premise solution?

A key difference to RMS software is our cloud-based property management software that allows properties to access every thing in a centralised place from any devise and from anywhere in the world.  Not only do we provide an on-premise solution, our cloud-based software allows businesses to easily scale across multiple properties, increase direct bookings, grow their bottom line and access high tech security. 

Where is RMS Cloud located?

RMS Cloud's head quarters are based in Melbourne, Australia where our global team operates. We also have global offices with our expert team based in Asia, EMEA, India, and USA.

How long will it take to migrate to RMS Cloud?

Depending on the scale of your property, our RMS experts can integrate your current data and onboard you team in 4-6 weeks. Once you are fully integrated with RMS, our cloud-based software allows you to quickly add properties to your database in a matter of minutes, supporting any future business growth. 

What kind of training and support does RMS provide?

RMS Cloud have advance resources available for onboarding, training and support to help you get started. Our resource hub comprises of our help centre, the RMS University, our YouTube library, and video tutorials to assist you and your staff. 

As an RMS customer you can also access 24/7 support with our knowledgeable customer service team.