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The new head of RMS Pay spearheads global rollout

A new payment gateway, RMS Pay, is taking over the Australian market with a supporting new role, Duncan Waterman.

Duncan Waterman has joined RMS Cloud as Business Development Manager to head up RMS' newly launched payment gateway, RMS Pay, and introduce the contactless payment solution to the Australian hospitality industry. Based out of the RMS Sydney office, he will be responsible for delivering the new payment gateway to RMS' 70% Australian market share, with already several early adopters taking on the payment solution. Waterman has extensive experience in the digital hospitality industry, having worked as a senior manager and specialist at several leading international and local software companies. He has also held executive positions at various companies, including a stint as Country Manager (Australia and New Zealand) at D-EDGE Hospitality, driving global expansion with key responsibilities in operations and payment processes. Waterman is ready to implement and grow financial productivity within RMS’ network and support RMS’ aggressive expansion strategy.     


The future of payment gateways in the accommodation industry focuses on contactless payments. It's the new benchmark expected by guests. As the travel industry rapidly adapts to the digital age, contactless payments are becoming the norm and the primary solution for fast, efficient payments –and RMS Pay is the ideal solution. This means that hotels, parks, campgrounds and other accommodations must invest in contactless payment systems to remain competitive -who doesn't like simplified reconciliation and getting paid on time? Said Waterman.  


RMS designed a payment solution that could meet the demands of accommodation properties that delivered an all-in-one solution. Through RMS' robust platform, property owners can easily and quickly manage all their payments without involving third-party payment gateways or banks. This integrated payment solution enables properties to accept payments from any sale point via instant RMS Paylink, provide contactless payments at your property, and accept payments using the most widely used payment providers worldwide, including all digital wallets. One of the key benefits of RMS Pay is the revenue management capabilities that sync all your payments at EOD, saving time. "It really is a quick and easy solution to manage and receive payments in one place", says Waterman, "it gives property owners the confidence that all payments are going to be collated in the one place at the end of the day and saves time with manual processing from different payment sources whilst creating an accurate reconciliation –clearly resolving any discrepancies from the day."

Waterman's expertise and deep understanding of the digital payment industry makes him an ideal fit for the position. He is excited to join the RMS team and to help the company become a leader in the digital payment space across Australia.  

I'm thrilled to join the RMS team, said Waterman. I'm looking forward to working with the team to launch an innovative payment solution that helps our customers reach their business goals with an approachable and effective payment integration.      


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