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Multi-property PMS solution

Enterprise solutions for expanding hospitality groups

At RMS Cloud, we offer scalable cloud solutions packed with dynamic software that helps you manage all your properties under one umbrella while also controlling each property at an individual level. Trusted by some of the biggest names in hospitality like the Ascott, Discovery Parks, and Cheval Collection. RMS Cloud offers a robust property management software that helps you streamline all your business operations under one platform.

RMS Enterprise for large businesses

A truely global property management solution

With RMS Enterprise, you can combine data from all or a selection of your properties to generate accurate and timely reports when you need them. Our dynamic software hosts all your properties in a single database, allowing you to save golden guest details, regardless of which property they stay in. This eliminates any duplications, keeping your data clean and up to date.
RMS Enterprise data architecture for multi-property businesses

Enterprise level functionality across
the board

Easily consolidate your group data from multiple properties and store in one centralised database. This is a key difference to our solution, you won’t be offered a linked or segmented work around as a ‘solution’ to managing your data, rather you get the PMS system that has been designed from the ground up with enterprise front of mind. RMS can facilitate rapid deployment of changes across your entire portfolio and best-in-class data security means you are 100% covered with our round the clock hosting compliance.

Group property management

High-level security like
no other PMS

At RMS, we take data protection to the next level, we are the only PMS solution to achieve US Department of Defence IL4 security certification. Second to that, our data centres are supported by future-ready technology – making RMS one of the most secure platforms in the world. It offers the highest levels of data security with Two-Factor authentication, SAML/SSO, IP whitelisting, complex passwords and more. 

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Everything in one place while separating the essentials

Our cost-effective central reservation capabilities allow users real-time access to all (or selected) inventory across your group. You can also create central reports across an entire group, individual properties, room types or guest categories. Advanced filtering options will restrict control of central reports for franchise groups within your enterprise database.

Although your data from multiple properties is stored in one single database, you can still have access to all data and information.

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One PMS solution
to rule them all

A superhero solution to your PMS that gives you assess to your data from anywhere in the world and at any time.



A solution for growth

Scalable solution so the platform grows seamlessly as you grow


Access approved

Give properties and users access to some parts of the platform and restrict access for others


High level security

One of the most secure and certified platforms in the world


Flexible reporting

Easily create custom reports at an individual and group level

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