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Dynamic pricing

Boost revenue and ensure maximum occupancy

Enhance your revenue stream with smart property management software that takes the guess work out of setting rates. With smart algorithms that take into consideration data fluctuations to calculate prices in real-time as a way of automating revenue management, known as dynamic pricing.

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Automate your response to fluctuating demand

Be responsive to every fluctuation in demand with our rate management screen that intuitively integrates with changing rates to ensure you are meeting guest expectations and increasing revenue.
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Rate management that’s got your back

Gain access to an intuitive property management feature that strategically monitors market demand to provide you with optimised rates and match changing trends. With this in mind, revenue managers can adjust the supply of rooms and adapt a pricing strategy using a hotel revenue management system to understand these trends and implement rates that aim to increase sales and profitability.

Additionally, RMS offers MultiBAR (Multiple Best Available Rates) to present multiple price points for the Best Available Rate and toggle between them as needed.

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Fluid inventory to meet demand

Adapt your offering and react to industry trends with RMS’ fluid inventory feature that allows you to effortlessly reconfigure your inventory from short-term to long-term. The fluidity in this powerful feature gives you the ability to pivot your business model, and change your accommodation demand to target different markets who require long term stays i.e. students, remote workers etc.

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Globally boost revenue across your property

Take advantage of RMS’ dynamic rate management feature that prepares you for changing demands such as drops in occupancy, pivot to maximising profitability during peak seasons and provide competitive rates based on market price.


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Dynamic and easy pricing

Maximise occupancy and bookings during seasonal changes with automated pricing

Aqua_Channel Manager

Pivot to increase revenue (RevPAR)

Increase overall bookings by tweaking rates during low season


Fluid inventory

Change how your inventory works based on length of stay and pricing to meet seasonal demands

Quickly track your
supply and demand

Provide last minute deals during
off-seasons to help sell off inventory

Aqua_ADR Finance

Rate management screen

Helps you efficiently view and manage all your room
rates on one convenient screen


Competitive rates with MultiBAR

Present multiple price points for the Best Available Rate