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Your all-in-one smart payment solution

With RMS Pay, you can efficiently manage your payments centrally through your RMS platform without the need for third-party payment gateways or banks. This seamlessly integrated payment solution allows you to take payments from anywhere with instant RMS Paylink capabilities, provide fast, contactless payments at your property and take payments using all the most used payment providers in the world, including all digital wallets. RMS Pay is the payment solution you have been waiting for.

RMS Pay POS and online payment solutions by RMS Cloud

Be the first to experience seamless payment solutions

Pre-register your interest for RMS Pay and be among the first to experience industry-leading payment solutions for your property.

Plus, download your copy of our RMS Pay info pack, and Payments Migration Guide – so you can hit the ground running, headache free.

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One payment ecosystem puts you everywhere you need to be

RMS Pay has you covered. From state-of-the-art payment terminals, to integrated online payments, triggered payments through RMS Paylink to allowing guests to use the latest digital wallets, RMS Pay is everything you could ever need to make getting paid easy.

Securely process payments no matter how they are made using our PCI compliant solution that removes any manual processes and makes your end of day an automated dream. Offer a payment solution that not only makes every guest touchpoint simpler and easier, it saves your staff time too.

Man makes credit card payment using RMS Pay's paylink

Payments that actually save you money

RMS Pay delivers merchant and transaction fees competitive to most banks and third-party providers. By keeping all your payments built-in to your property management solution you’ll be rewarded with accessible rates and competitive merchant fees! Plus, by using an integrated solution that works intuitively with your property management system, you'll discover the time-saving benefits of automated reconciliation and reporting. You don't need to undertake any manual processing, cross-checking or wait for 2 systems to sync with each other. It all happens quickly, easily and accurately while your staff are free to focus on other tasks. 

RMS Pay POS terminal for hospitality businesses Woman accepts payment using RMS Pay's POS terminal
Plus dozens of the most loved payment providers in the world

Your guests will love the contactless flexibility

Provide guests with a seamless pre-arrival payment check-in with RMS Paylink. Enable secure and branded payment links to your guests with features like tracking payments and sending payment reminders, creating a better experience when securing customer payment. RMS Pay offers a robust suite of the latest and largest payment options from all over the globe. Your guest will enjoy total freedom to pay by their preferred method no matter where you are. Take payments in an instant from anywhere – vis RMS Paylink on a smart phone, by tap n’ go at your reception or through your direct booking portal on yoru website. It’s built for efficiency and makes it easier for you to get paid fast. The best part? When interactions with your business are instant and accessible and transactions are quick and easy, all friction is removed for your guest meaning they report much higher satisfaction levels and are much more likely to return to stay with you again.

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