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A little money magic

RMS PAY is the most versatile and secure payment gateway for hospitality properties. Packed with features that make your work life easier and your guest experience smoother, RMS PAY is fully integrated within the RMS Cloud platform, so you can manage your payments and everything else, with ease. 

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Manage money efficiently

Say goodbye to end-of-shift balancing. Online and RMS PAY terminal payments automatically balance, so you can download the report and roll a new day with no worries. Simple surcharging reduces staff headaches and seamless payments make the time your guests spend at reception minimal but meaningful 

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Automatically balances online and RMS PAY terminal payments
Navy_Automated Reporting
Cash transactions and settlement reports available
Navy_Control Panel
Simple surcharging makes life easy for reception staff
Encrypted credit card tokens help guests go cardless

Create exceptional guest experiences

Your guests will love the diverse range of payments that you can offer them, both online and at reception. Create smooth pre-check-in experiences and swift interactions at the front desk, all of which create credit card tokens that are encrypted for their security and chargeable for cardless payments. 

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Process online payments through OTAs and direct bookings
Smooth pre-check-in experience with Guest Portal
Navy_Payment Terminal
Cabled and WiFi enabled terminals
Navy_Portal_Owners Portal
Go cardless with credit card tokens and payment links
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Give fraud the flick

Packed with PCI DSS-compliant and 3D secure payment options, RMS PAY reduces the risk of disputes and fraud occurring during your payment processes. If a dispute does arise, we make it easy to defend against the claim. Better payment protection makes for better outcomes.

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Compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
Navy_Message Centre
3D secure payments shifts the onus back to the guest
Navy_Module Market
Dispute management dashboard helps you manage chargebacks
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Capture and release pre-authorisation holds in a click
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Learning resource

The rise of payment gateways

Your ‘tried and true’ payment processes are letting you down by causing a leak in your revenue that you may not even know about. Luckily, RMS PAY is inherently PCI DSS-compliant to better protect you and your guests against fraud. Learn more about the rise of payment gateways here and why you need RMS PAY. 

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I love secure pay links because they shift the onus away from us and back to the guest. We’ve had next to no resistance towards them from our guests and credit card disputes have primarily been eliminated.
Stephanie Robertson
Quest Collingwood
If I extrapolate on the time it takes to do things like end-of-shift balancing for example, with RMS PAY doing it for you, you can save the equivalent amount of time and money of a part-time staff member’s wages just by using the product.
Joanne Keown
Tourism Creatures
It’s much easier to onboard staff when you’re not tied to a bank and their problems. With RMS PAY, it’s a matter of switching on the terminals and away it goes.
Patrick Brennan
Redhill Hospitality
The biggest selling point of RMS PAY for me is time, efficiency and simplicity of use, and that goes for both your staff and your guests.
David Jones
Big4 Aireys Inlet
The efficiency and accuracy of RMS PAY and the “click of a button” solution has been transformative to our front office operation.
Michael Canny
Quest Airport West

Frequently asked questions

What makes RMS PAY different?

As part of RMS Cloud, RMS PAY is backed by 40+ years of experience building powerful technology for the hospitality and tourism industry. Now, with the introduction of RMS PAY, we offer a truly end-to-end operating system for your property. We’re pioneers in PMS technology and offer a solution to suit a wide variety of uses.  

Our technology is inherently secure and PCI DSS compliant and natively integrated into RMS Cloud (PMS). We’ve designed it with lean, busy teams in mind, so it’s easy to learn, easy to teach and we provide plenty of support to get you started with your best foot forward. 

Why should I use a payment gateway?
Payment Gateways are designed to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which is a global standard mandated by the leading Card Schemes including Visa and MasterCard to reduce the risk of card data breach. Properties without a payment gateway are at risk of leaking revenue due to fraud, missing opportunities by not meeting guest expectations, compromising your guests’ security, and wasting valuable time on inefficient processes.  
How does RMS PAY help me manage disputes?
While employing PCI DSS standards and 3DS-verified payments is a great way to significantly reduce the risk of fraudulent claims or disputes occurring at your property, RMS PAY helps you manage any disputes that do arise. You’ll receive an alert to any disputes that come through and be able to accept, defend and monitor progress on disputes through your dashboard.  
What support can I get for RMS PAY?
We understand that payment gateway technology might be a new experience for some users, so we provide training and resources to help you learn how to use RMS PAY, and how best to use it in practice. Your local RMS support team are here to help you get onboarded quickly and set you up for success as a new user.