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Guest facing technology

Engage, empower and retain your guests

Offer guests a fully contactless experience with technology that easily connects with them before, during and after their stay. A property management system that provides seamless solutions to guest experiences and converts a guest into a loyal brand advocate.

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The all-powerful Guest Portal

Help ease the stressful task of planning and documentation in your guests travel journey with RMS Cloud’s guest facing portal. Everything from adding a late check-out, buying a tour, completing a COVID-19 safety checklist, through to submitting a passport or messaging your customers - it's all right in the palm of your customer's hand.
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Give your guests control with a completely contactless experience

Allow guests to conveniently map out their own customer journey within RMS Cloud’s guest portal. The user-friendly interface allows guests to track and manage bookings, make payments for additional features, complete pre-registration, upload any COVID-19 vaccine certificates/tests and check-in & check-out of the property without interacting with the staff. They are also able to use your restaurants, cafés and bars and have the amount charged right to their room.

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Message Centre

Communication is key and that's why RMS’ hospitality management system comes with a robust messaging centre that lets you communicate with your guests and staff. Guests can reach out to you while making a reservation through the IBE or an OTA  for special requests. Whereas you can send scheduled pre-arrival and on-arrival messages to provide your guests with useful information about their stay via emails and SMS's  This allows you to track all your guests' comms, details of their bookings and preferences under one platform.

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Tailored guest marketing that improves guest experiences

Adopt guest centric marketing that gives your business the opportunity to enhance customers experiences with marketing tools that reward and retain your customers. Your property will have access to use built-in guest facing tools such as eDMs and two-way SMS to communicate with guests, send offers and promotions and create loyalty programs within RMS.

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Customer touchpoints that make all the difference

RMS’ advanced technology allows you to improve business communications and maximise customer satisfaction with detailed guest focused marketing.




Check-in and check-out of rooms using the guest portal


Easy upgrades and add ons

Give guests complete access to manage their bookings and preferences by giving them access to their own account


Quick guest document uploads

With RMS’ Guest Document Capture functionality guests can upload - IDS, passports, lease agreements, contracts etc

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Guest Portal in Listening Mode 

Guests can manage reservations and check in without interacting with the staff through an iPad at the front desk

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Smart EDM marketing campaigns

Improve customer communications and retention by sending tailor-made packages to your customers via email

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Deliver rewards programs

Get guests to keep coming back by incentivising their stay with loyalty points