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Channel Management Software

Go further with built-in global distribution

As RMS Cloud is one of the most integrated PMS platforms in the world, packed with robust channel management features - take advantage of 100s of booking sites that grant you access to new enhanced features that help grow your business.

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Leverage 100's of booking platforms

RMS’s cloud-based channel management capabilities put you everywhere in an instant meaning less commissions and no third-party apps.
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Channel management that puts you in total control

Have complete control over how you manage bookings with RMS Cloud’s inbuilt channel manager that connects you to major online booking agents. Our fully integrated solution can be customised to suit your business objectives and gives you the controls to update your rates, rules and availability.

Unlike many third-party channel management softwares, our real-time updates mean that bookings arrive in your RMS property management system in seconds - an intuitive feature that allows you to reduce the chance of double bookings, keeping everything running smoothly.

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Easy reporting on your best performing channels

Make informed decisions when working out which OTA works best for you and how you can increase bookings online with RMS’s built-in channel manager software.

Our integrated partners include, Airbnb, Expedia and hundreds of the world’s major online travel agents, enabling you to not only manage inventory across all the OTAs through our rate manager but also, be able to generate easy, insightful  performance reports of revenue earned through each booking channel.

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Regulate inventory and rates from one centralised location

RMS’s channel management software is designed to make management easy and centralise your OTA bookings all within one user-friendly platform. Enjoy our in real-time features and capture performance reports in a digestible format to improve your online bookings.


Aqua_Global Distribution Software

The biggest booking sites in the world

RMS integrates with Airbnb, and many more OTAs


Enterprise group-wide distribution

List all your rooms across all your properties with a simple API connection

Aqua_Global Distribution Software

Make changes across all websites instantly

RMS’s Rate Manager helps properties update rates everywhere

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No third-party apps needed

Save costs and time by using RMS’s built-in channel manager free of cost

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All your booking data in one place

Get a snapshot of all your rooms with an occupancy dashboard

Aqua_Payment Terminal

Automate payments with RMS Paylink

Send a payment link to guests before they arrive to pay for their rooms

RMS integrates with the world’s biggest booking platforms