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Hospitality Revenue Management Software

One solution for end-to-end financial management

Improve your end of day and end of month accounts with RMS’s robust automated invoicing and billing software. Save time and money with access to features that offer advanced accounting tools such as 360˚reporting, accounting integrations, and billing that help you automate previously manual processes

Billing and invoicing PMS software for hotels

Get the complete financial scope

Become the accountant that you’ve never had by optimising your daily and monthly accounts with an intuitive property management system that automates your account reconciliation, saving you time to focus on guest facing activities, while reducing dependence on staff to manage accounting for you.
PMS software automates hotel billing, invoicing and reporting

Comprehensive overview of your billing, invoicing and cashiering

Have access to an all-in-one financial ecosystem that offers transparency across any financial touchpoint including debit and credit transactions, billing and invoicing, and end-of-day/monthly accounts. RMS cloud's software uses features that evolve your accounting such as The RMS Night Audit report gives a high level financial transactions update throughout the day, rate optimisation that allows you to adjust rate prices according to your desired weekend rates, and invoicing capabilities that gives you the tools to create a tax invoice and bill directly to the appointed user. With RMS’ powerful ledger capabilities, you can now have full insight of payments across all your properties and can correct charges without contacting your bank.

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Revenue reporting made easy

Make for easy compliance end-of-day procedures, reconciliation and cash ups with RMS’ financial revenue report tool that provides your management access to a centralised and interactive software. A cloud-based reporting tool that enables you to view a complete overview of your debtor's position from the beginning and end of the selected date including total charges, total receipts, sum of debtor movements, new credits, debits and balance on the debtors ledger. It is an all-inclusive software solution that empowers management to streamline all financials and clearly define expenses to the right owners outlined in the Owner Contract or Owner Agreement.

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Your complete financial toolkit

Improve your business finances and maximise efficiencies with our intuitive property management solution. Enjoy endless opportunities with all rounded reporting, easy charge backs, your favourite accounting integrations and automate your billing and invoices.



360˚ reporting

Generate reports from all parts of your business-like finances, housekeeping, communications etc

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Effortless chargebacks

Get the ability to chargeback to your guests' room from the bar or spa

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Most used Accounting partners

Integrate with most major financial apps such as Xero & MYOB

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Billing made easy

Send out automated invoices pre or post stay or at pre-set intervals (end of the month automatically)


In-person and online payments

RMS Pay provides users with a full payments ecosystem where users are provided with a full suite of payment terminals and online payments solutions that integrate with the RMS PMS


Integrated cashiering (RMS POS)

The RMS POS solution helps you
manage your inventory, generate real-time reports and improve customer service from
one centralised system

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