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Switching to a smarter enterprise solution that performs 

Nature, family-friendly, iconic holiday parks
37+ tourist parks across New South Wales, Australia
RMS Enterprise solution for Campgrounds & Holiday Parks
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Stunning coastal and rural Australian parks

Reflections is an iconic Australian holiday park destination serving up some of NSW's most beautiful locations. With a focus on community and operating as a profit-for-purpose business, Reflections aims to make holiday parks accessible for all travellers. Offering a range of sustainable accommodation types, including modern lodges and well-kept public camping sites, Reflections has the community at heart and is a safe holiday adventure for all families and travellers.

Business challenge
Centralising operations across a dynamic group business

Reflections switched to RMS Cloud to access innovative guest solutions and grow operational efficiencies. Their previous provider lacked essential enterprise capabilities that Reflections needed. Reflections looked to RMS for new contactless technology that delivered unified guest experiences and seamless operations that collated finances in real-time across 37 locations. RMS' robust software helped Reflections to centralise all operations, provide travellers with empowering tech and unlocking hidden revenue.

Our partnership with RMS Cloud will absolutely deliver on our expectations and their innovative software will be crucial to all aspects of running our parks. 
Nick Baker - CEO, Reflections Holiday Parks
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Product implementation
Empower your travellers with contactless and automated solutions

RMS Cloud's dynamic park management system has allowed Reflections to advance its guest experience by adopting a cloud-based solution like no other in the market. Reflections can now tap into advanced automation to provide travellers with a truly contactless experience that keeps guests happy with RMS' Guest Portal. Send links for check-in, and grant access via automated boom gates giving your travellers the power to arrive anytime. With RMS' powerful software, Reflections can customise the guest portal to be in full control of their guest's journey - making it easy to ensure no last-minute cancellations without notice.  Reflections have minimised front desk demands by using automated features like check-ins, add-ons to guest itineraries and offering local experiences all via a guest's smartphone – saving money for park operators and growing their bottom line.


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Smarter tech solutions that connect 37+ locations

Combine data from all or a selection of your properties to generate accurate and timely reports when needed. RMS' dynamic software hosts all your properties in a single database so you can access important information from anywhere.

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Choose from 550+ integrated partners to help automate your park

Build your own tech stack that matches your enterprise properties that will enhance your guest experience. From within RMS software, you can access digital locks, automate check-in and speak directly to travellers via two-way messaging – all in one place, saving your park money and time. 

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RMS contributes to the local Aussie experience with Reflections 
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37 family
holiday parks


43 community reserves


1 centralised branded
booking platform

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2-way guest

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Communication is key for our guests, and RMS software will allow our parks to really boost guest connections and provide the information they need for booking, check-in and during their stay.

Nick Baker  CEO, Reflections Holiday Parks
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