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Business insights

Make the right moves with intelligent data

RMS has the tools you need to enhance visibility into your hospitality business and make data-driven decisions based on reports that you can garner through your PMS. Consolidate and manage your back of house operations with one dashboard that quickly collates and shares data across all departments. Our dashboard is designed to give you insightful information about your business with tools that encourage productivity such as our 360 reporting, customisable report writing tools, view snapshots of your operations, view status or reservations and much more. A true solution that houses your accounting and operational data and tailor made to suit your business - saving you time and money.

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Customise reports and dashboards for instant performance insight 

Enhance visibility and encourage productivity across departments by using RMS Dashboards. Get creative with choosing a preloaded template designed for certain staff, such as Accounting or Operations, and customise your own dashboard to best suit the needs of  your unique business. Dashboards enable you to quickly:

  • View a snapshot of your operations across your entire enterprise
  • Customise which widgets you see upon login
  • See at-a-glance reports & analytics
  • View reservation activity, such as In/Out Status
  • Watch your social media & track local weather plus more
Customised reports and dashboards for data driven reporting within your PMS

Collect & share data with 360 reporting 

You can simply generate and schedule 200+ automated reports with the ability to view single-property or enterprise level data. Our Report Writer tool also allows you to easily create customised reports to examine any combination of data and help automatically schedule and send emails to internal management, providing them with ready access to data. You can also add more value to your reports with our Interactive Reports tool.  

360 degree reporting for your hospitality business

Analyse activity with security profiles

Ensure that only approved administrators can influence your important data by designating which users can view, view but read-only, or adjust data in the system with Security Profiles. Click and view changes to reservations, guest data, and more by viewing user activity in audit trails, with data recorded in real time.

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