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Shaping the Future: Insights from BH&HPA Conference 2024

As the UK hospitality industry navigates through an ever-evolving landscape, the BH&HPA Conference 2024 proved to be a success as our first event for 2024, showcasing trends and industry updates. As corporate sponsors, the conference gave RMS a platform to showcase the latest trends in technology and share industry knowledge. It was a great opportunity to discover key findings from the latest 'Pitching the Value' report by the UK Caravan and Camping Alliance (UKCCA) and also delve into emerging trends shaping the future of holiday park hospitality. 

The insightful report, ‘Pitching the Value’, highlights the economic value and wellbeing impact of the UK holiday parks and campsites sector and its important contribution to UK domestic tourism. The industry showcased its indispensable contribution to the economy by generating a staggering £12.2 billion in visitor expenditure and supporting over 226,745 full-time jobs across the UK. Despite facing hurdles like Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent cost-of-living crisis, the report underscored the resilience of the sector, emphasising its pivotal role in driving domestic tourism. 

Highlighting the sector's attractiveness, the report revealed that UK holiday parks and campsites offer excellent value for money, with affordable accommodation options catering to diverse groups. Visitors are staying 82% longer and spending 12% more than the national tourism average. It's evident that these destinations offer an unparalleled experience, resonating with guests seeking quality leisure time. 

Bob Hill, the spokesperson for the UKCCA, effectively captured the positive outlook of the sector, highlighting its vibrancy and optimism even in the face of challenges, "The commitment and strong confidence displayed by the industry through investments in sites, services, and local communities underscore its resilience," noted Hill. 

Beyond the report, discussions at the conference reflected the industry's forward-thinking approach, centring on pivotal trends essential for future success. From fostering sustainable practices and integrating AI to enhance business growth to navigating the net-zero pathway and discerning the evolving needs of residential park customers. The conference provided a clear outlook on crucial industry information for staying ahead in today's competitive market. 

The RMS team had the chance to address these evolving and dynamic needs within the industry, showcasing practical solutions to the holiday park sector with RMS Cloud’s innovative park management software.   By leveraging technology, UK holiday parks can streamline operations with customer-centric solutions, enhance sustainability efforts by reducing printing receipts and other documents, access direct bookings, reduce OTA fees and manage exceptional guest experiences with real-time communication.


As a sponsor of the BH&HPA Conference 2024, RMS Cloud was honoured to be involved in this event.

Our participation reaffirms our dedication to driving innovation and excellence in the park sector through technology.  The conference illuminated key industry insights, emphasising the crucial role of digital transformation in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

We are proud to support initiatives that shape the future of hospitality, fostering sustainable growth and delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Zen Valli Managing Director EMEA, RMS Cloud

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