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5 ways to deliver a fantastic guest payment experience

Guests' expectations are constantly changing and you can use technology to ensure that you’re consistently delivering the best experience available to them. Particularly when it comes to payments.

How to deliver a fantastic guest payment experience with RMS PAY 

1. Smooth out the online booking process 

Integrated property management technology and payment gateways like RMS Cloud and RMS PAY ensure that processing bookings and payments is seamless for both guests and staff.  

Whether your campers are booking directly through your website or via an OTA, having an integrated PMS and payment gateway will ensure the transaction process is simple and slick. 


2. Offer greater payment flexibility

Online payments aren’t just secure, they’re also convenient and come in different formats. For example, you could embed a payment gateway into your website, accept Virtual Credit Card payments through your OTA that RMS PAY can convert to an encrypted token, or even send a pay link via email or SMS. In a mobile-driven society, SMS and Email pay links are a guest-favourite. 


3. Deliver a personalised experience

Using a guest profile creator like RMS’s Guest Portal will allow your campers to answer a few simple questions that will make their whole trip more bespoke. You’ll gain insight into their interests like activities they want to do and sights they’d like to see, as well as communicate with them out of your PMS to ensure their check-in process is perfect. Payment tech like RMS PAY will also store their credit card information securely to their profile, so any future payments can be charged directly to that token, meaning your campers don’t have to get their cards out.


4. Give your staff more time to focus on guest experience

It’s no secret that technology is designed to save users time by automating and speeding up different processes. When it comes to payments, things like end-of-shift balancing can now be fully automatic, and tedious processes like taking payments manually over the phone (also bad in terms of card security) can be replaced with something quicker and more convenient, like SMS pay links. Your staff will be free to spend more time dedicated to providing a personable, engaging guest experience for your campers, and less time wasted on unnecessary tasks. 


5. Create a self-service journey for your guests

Integrated PMS and payment technology like RMS and RMS PAY help you to design a completely flexible guest experience with as much or as little human-to-human contact as suits you and your campers. Guests can book, pay for, check-in, and get comms about their stay all without speaking to a single person, they can arrive to an automated boom gate that recognises their number plate, and get a text that tells them which site is theirs so they don’t have to show up at reception unless they’d like to have a good old chin-wag.

It’s great for smaller, busy or remote teams where it’s not feasible to have someone at reception to process every arrival, and it benefits campers who want to be in their own space, relax and rock up at their leisure.  



The biggest selling point of RMS PAY is time and efficiency and simplicity of use, and that goes for both your staff and your guests.

David Jones Big4 Aireys Inlet

To conclude

So, there you have it, our top 5 ways to deliver a fantastic check-in experience with RMS Cloud and RMS PAY. As Reflections Holiday Parks CEO Nick Baker said about our partnership, “the last few years of the pandemic have presented many challenges for the Caravan and Camping industry, so it’s incredibly important for industry operators to step up and really focus on the guest experience”, and we couldn’t agree more.  

We’re dedicated to building technology for your industry that’s easy to learn, easy to use and convenient for your staff and campers, so you can deliver the best service every time.  



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