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RMS Cloud partners with big data to deliver powerful business intelligence for hoteliers

Hospitality operators know that their PMS is the heart of their hospitality technology ecosystem - critical for not only day to day operations, but also for driving strategic decisions that will allow their business to drive forward to greater levels of success. The global covid crisis has had significant impacts on hospitality businesses around the world, but interestingly it also presented new opportunities. Functionality that was considered optional pre-covid, has become absolute requirements for safe operation in the hotel industry in our new reality. 

For example, contactless operations & predictive data platforms were considered out of reach to many in the pre-covid era. However, now, most hotels find themself unable to meet guest expectations without this technology in place. Modern travellers now expect hoteliers to offer contactless covid compliance and to know their preferences even before they have checked in. 

RMS Cloud, a global leader in property & distribution management solutions for hospitality, had the foresight to predict market demands and developed contactless features for guests long before the covid crisis. While other providers were speculating or developing other less useful workarounds, RMS Cloud readily delivered their innovative solution to the hospitality world.

During this period of greater demands on technology providers, Upswing Cognitive Hospitality Solutions ideated an amalgamation of hotel facing predictive, actionable data platform and guest facing app; while RMS Cloud accelerated this innovation with their open API architecture. This development coincided with an industry-wide trend towards combining your PMS with a big data platform to utilise insights that will propel business forward even through the most challenging market forces. 

After extended closures, hotel operators are keener than ever to look at new ways of attracting guests back to their properties. Data insights allow actionable efforts to target promotional offers and regionalised guest incentives which give operators greater ability to retain loyal customers.

Hyper-personalization and attribute based selling are no longer concepts. With the data from RMS, powered by Upswing’s big data platform Aura, these strategies become possible. Machine learning models can give hotels powerful insight that enables event driven recommendations related to KPI’s and driving revenue. 

Technological integrations in hospitality are rapidly evolving. The substantial impact of the pandemic on both domestic and international travel furthers the need to pivot towards data-driven & integrated solutions, which has proven invaluable for many other industries. Operators now understand the serious need for anticipatory measures for hospitality businesses to negotiate the changing environment in which they operate. RMS’s open API capabilities facilitated the partnering of these technologies to better empower the global travel and hospitality sector with the knowledge and solutions required to respond in the constantly evolving and fast-paced dynamic technology-driven industry we serve.


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