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RMS open a Sydney office to support global expansion

RMS is opening a second headquarters in Sydney that will support the expansion of new international relations and future growth with new hires. 

Under the newly appointed chief sales officer at RMS, Stephen Martin, RMS are embarking on an aggressive growth strategy for 2023 to expand its customer base with a central office location in Sydney. It is one of many necessary steps RMS is taking to ensure they remain competitive as the global leader in property management technology. 


Australia is home to RMS Cloud and has been for the past 40 years, and with a concrete network around the hospitality industry, they are ready to take the business into a new chapter. RMS' network has expanded rapidly over the years and is positioned in 70 countries, delivering advanced property management software to over 184K users worldwide. This year, RMS will be celebrating its 40th year of innovation, and in parallel, it will be taking the next step in the company's expansion by opening a second head office.


Opening a primary RMS head office in Sydney will continue to support RMS' expansion into international relationships whilst also supporting the Australian market. The Sydney office will grow its team to have sales and account management functions, partnerships and technical resources with having already appointed several vital positions.


RMS holds a solid value for customer relationships, with some dating back from when RMS first established its technology in 1983. So we need to have the right people in place to stay close to our valued customers and partners while growing our network. Sydney is a perfect centre point for Australia and international business and compliments our global HQ in Melbourne.

- Stephen Martin, Cheif Sales Officer, RMS Cloud


The RMS Sydney-based office will be positioned in the business district of Sydney and is a central location for international visitors to meet as well as local customers along the upper east coast. The RMS team are looking forward to sharing with you more updates on our expansion and how we will continue to deliver excellence in our 40th year and beyond. 


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