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Uplevel your guest's experience: RMS + UpsellGuru

As part of our Partner Showcase series, we're welcoming UpsellGuru, a room up-selling system that enables hotels to offer bid-driven guest upgrades. We caught up with the team to find out what makes them unique, the services they offer, and how those services can boost your revenue and enhance guest experiences.

Tell us more about UpsellGuru

UpsellGuru is a guest communication software focusing on generating revenue through upselling.

As a first in the industry, UpsellGuru launched a bidding system for hotel upgrades in 2016. Today, UpsellGuru does more than just upgrades, covering the communication for all stages of the guest journey. 

The company is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany and works with over 1,000 hotels worldwide.


What services do you provide for hospitality operators?

UpsellGuru offers an up-selling system that allows guests to bid on room upgrades. Additionally, guests can pre-book ancillary services prior to their arrivals and during their stay.

UpsellGuru is a dynamic, automated, and customised upsell solution with the highest conversions:

  • Dynamic - in sync with your hotel’s strategy where bidding offers the most dynamic pricing
  • Automated - fully automated with a two-way interface with RMS Cloud
  • Customised -  matching your hotel’s brand and targeted to the right guest


What’s unique about UpsellGuru? 

The most unique thing about the upselling system is the bidding process. Bidding is the most dynamic and exciting way to offer hotel guests the chance to upgrade their stays.

How can RMS Cloud customers benefit from integrating with UpsellGuru?

UpsellGuru is already helping many RMS customers to increase their revenue and ADR with a fully automated solution. Without adding additional work for their staff, hotels are able to customise and improve the guest experience while also increasing guest spending.

What do your customers love about UpsellGuru?

Easy setup in 60 minutes and the fully integrated solution.

See UpsellGuru in action or book a demo to get started.

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