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Are you ready with the right tech this season?

Using the right technology can help you manage environmental and climate shifts – keeping guests and staff at your park safe whilst protecting your business.  

The environment adds another layer to how travellers are expected to travel this season, with predictions for more natural disasters on the horizon. The industry is on the road to recovery post-Covid, however, our campgrounds and parks are continuing to embrace more change with unprecedented times ahead with the current rate of climate change. Queensland has some of the most beautiful iconic Australian locations in the world, and with tourism expected to grow even more this season, it is paramount that operators get their properties safe and ready for visitors. With the right cloud-based technology in place, operators have the insight to quickly pivot and make changes from any device and at any time. Crisis management is a laborious reality for all park operators and something that can be overcome. Simple features from within a powerful PMS can allow operators to tap into technology that quickly notifies guests and staff with real-time messages that will inform safety updates and procedures in a matter of seconds.  

"In times of uncertainty and ensuring your guests are safe, technology can help alleviate crisis management stresses with simple 2-way messaging from your PMS and alert staff," says Stephen Martin, Chief of Sales at RMS Cloud. Having enterprise software that can provide guest documentation in one place within a guest portal and will allow travellers to reference protocols, be aware of any changes they could be presented with, and quickly access from any of their smart devices – is the best way to keep everyone informed and up to date.”  

Technology has a fundamental purpose of providing guests with the best experience, which also means keeping them safe and removing doubt when travelling. A cloud-based solution that alerts guests and staff in real-time is a non-negotiable when ensuring information is shared accurately and is one of many ways your PMS can help operators be prepared.  

Being able to talk directly to guests using technology is the new norm and is expected when sharing critical information. Using innovative tech that unlocks digital and direct 2-way communication within a guest portal is a perfect way to keep guests informed and managers up-to date.  

Park operators also need to consider their business when it comes to managing natural disasters that could leave small businesses in despair if they are not covered. Insurance is a consideration that all businesses must endure, however, within a smart PMS, you can access and manage insurance policies for annual tenants, giving park operators peace of mind each tenant is fully insured, all liability requirements are met, and your park is protected against unforeseen weather patterns. 

“As the short-term rental market continues to grow, holiday park operators are facing a unique set of problems that aren’t always covered by traditional insurers is why we partnered with RMS Cloud to create a tailored offering that addresses the needs of park operators and their residents to protect properties seamlessly,” says Angus McDonald Co-Founder and CEO of Cover Genius. 

Adopting the right PMS, like RMS Cloud, can help you manage guests, staff and keep your property safe is vital for this upcoming season.  Keep your future guests informed with changes in weather and travel, keep long-term annuals and weekenders insured and keep your property up to date.  

Make sure you are getting the most out of your PMS and prepare for any unprecedented climate changes and risk management this season with these key tech features: 

  • RMS Insurance for annuals and weekenders and protect your property from natural disasters. 
  • Manage bookings and rates with automated triggers set up to tackle change 
  • Alert all guests and staff at your park with direct 2-way messaging 
  • Create protocol documents and easily attach them to guest visits  
  • Access all your OTA connections in one place to quickly update your bookings 


Finding the right platform for your park can be valuable in more ways than when it comes to keeping your guests safe and your business covered. Visit to learn how.  

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