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Families and friends, fun for all: how integrating with Vrbo can transform your vacation rental revenue.


The landscape of property management is constantly evolving, and staying ahead means embracing new opportunities to put your accommodation in front of your ideal guests. RMS is proud to announce our successful integration with Vrbo – the globally renowned vacation rental marketplace that caters to families and friends, looking for standalone properties to share with only those closest to them.

This integration promises to unlock new revenue horizons for vacation rental property managers, significantly expanding their reach into the families and friends market, who are inclined to stay longer and spend more.

Vrbo stands out in the vacation rental marketplace for its focus on creating memorable experiences for groups, particularly families and friends, and has cultivated a loyal brand following across the globe. With millions of users, Vrbo specialises in accommodations that cater to the needs of group travel, making it a go-to platform for family vacations and group stays.

RMS Cloud's integration with Vrbo is a significant milestone, opening our properties' reach to Vrbo's extensive network, focused on leisure travel with family and friends. This means direct access to a broader, more diverse group of travellers, enhancing the potential for higher occupancy rates and increased revenues.

Why list with Vrbo?

Increased visibility in key markets: connecting your property to Vrbo grants instant visibility to a massive global audience actively seeking group-friendly accommodations. This expanded reach is especially beneficial in high-demand markets, where visibility can significantly boost booking potential.

Instant opportunities to increase revenue: family and friend groups often seek larger accommodations for longer durations. By tapping into this demographic, property managers can enjoy increased revenue per booking. Longer stays not only mean more consistent income but also reduce the turnaround efforts and costs associated with frequent short-term bookings

Strategic market incentives: Vrbo's unique positioning in the market allows for strategic incentives for properties in areas with high demand but low availability. These incentives encourage property managers to list accommodation where Vrbo actively sees demand, while optimising their listings and pricing strategies, maximising both occupancy and profitability.

Effortless upsells with group bookings: more guests typically mean more opportunities for upselling additional services and amenities. Whether it's offering group discounts on local attractions or providing tailored in-house experiences, the potential to enhance guests' stay (and your revenue) is significantly higher with group bookings.


RMS Cloud's integration with Vrbo is more than just a current solution; it's a step towards redefining the future of hospitality management – underlining our commitment towards more integrated, guest-centric approaches, where property managers can leverage technology to cater to specific market segments more effectively.

As both RMS Cloud and Vrbo are committed to innovation, this integration promises ongoing advancements in the tools and opportunities available to our property managers. Presenting a significant opportunity for property managers to expand their reach, increase their revenue, and streamline their operations, the integration paves the way for more intuitive management processes, better guest experiences, and ultimately, sustained business growth in a dynamic market.

For property managers already using RMS Cloud, integrating with Vrbo is a strategic step not to be missed.
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