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Maximize Revenue from Every Reservation with UpsellGuru

As travel resumes, it’s more important than ever to maximize revenue from every single reservation. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through the upselling of rooms and ancillary services.

We’ve integrated with UpsellGuru, a personalised and automated upselling tool used by hotels to increase revenue and improve the guest experience.

Here are a few functions and features of UpsellGuru:

  • Maximise hotel revenue
    UpsellGuru is the only system that allows guests to bid on an upgrade. This adds excitement to the guest journey, which returns more upgrades and revenue.

  • Increase guest satisfaction
    Allow your guests to tailor-make their experience by upgrading rooms and pre-booking ancillary services.

  • Fully-integrated
    Sit back and let UpsellGuru do the work. Through their two-way interface, upgrades are updated automatically into RMS. No manual work required.

  • Personalised targeting
    UpsellGuru allows you to upsell the right product, with the right message, to the right client at the right time (both pre-arrival and during their stay).

  • Risk-free
    RMS clients can take advantage of a waived setup fee if they sign up before Friday 31st July 2020. Contracts are monthly and you only pay a 15% commission on upsell revenue generated.

Find out more about UpsellGuru and claim your offer by visiting

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