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RMS Cloud continues growth in Japan with Temairazu integration

RMS Cloud has announced a new partnership with Temairazu, Japan’s leading channel manager. With this two-way integration, properties using RMS Cloud can enhance their distribution channels and centrally manage inventory at the same time, increasing their occupancy rate and improving operational efficiency. 

The Temairazu Channel Manager combines the three management functions of room inventory, prices, and reservation information, enabling easy inventory adjustment, ability to stop sell in bulk and batch management of reservation information for all sites. The intuitive channel manager automatically adjusts prices according to the stock quantity by applying pre-set rate rules. It directly links into RMS Cloud’s PMS solution, ensuring reservation data is accurate and in real-time across the two channels. 

This means that hospitality operators will be able to benefit from an award-winning PMS that can be customised to their business strategy, with Japan’s leading channel manager to reach more guests than ever.

“The integration with Temairazu represents our increased support of continuous growth for Japanese hospitality operators,” says Peter Ferris, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at RMS Cloud. “It announces RMS as a leading cloud-native PMS alternative to the Japanese market, a traditionally closed tech market and secondly, helps our global client base connect to Japanese OTAs and reach guests in the Japanese market.”

About Temairazu

Temairazu, Inc. is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the development and provision of distribution channel manager software for domestic accommodation properties, such as hotels and inns. Temairazu channel manager enables accommodation properties to centrally manage their rates, inventories and reservations, helping them to operate more effectively and efficiently. 

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