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Remove check in queues with the RMS Guest Portal

Tech automation is transforming the everyday operations of properties everywhere with RMS' guest portal.  

As travellers are flocking back to full-swing travel after the pandemic, we lift the lid on the digital technology that seamlessly supports operators in providing an ultimate customer journey this season.   


Anyone who has travelled can relate to the experience of delayed check-ins, the hassle of managing a collection of keys and gaining access on a family holiday is time-consuming and tiresome, especially after a long trip. But, as technology has accelerated during the last couple of years, we now have the ability to deliver a customer journey that feels completely seamless, where you arrive having already checked in on your smartphone, your accommodation knows that you have arrived via the click of a button and can walk right through to your allocated accommodation where your customised accommodation requests are ready for you to enjoy straight away. So what technology takes a traveller's booking and coordinates a reliable and high-quality experience from start to finish? The digital technology that underpins a highly functional accommodation comes down to the advancement of your PMS provider.


According to RMS Cloud's Chief Sales Officer, Stephen Martin, "Travellers want and expect a fuss-free experience," says Martin.

At RMS, we focus on using state-of-the-art technology that is innovative for both operators and travellers, making it easy and quick for guests to book and check-in. Having access to technology that automates parts of any operations and allows travellers to be in control, will encourage people to travel to your business time and time again.

-Stephen Martin, Cheif Sale Officer at RMS Cloud

RMS' robust cloud technology bridges the gap between the traveller and operators, ensuring they can receive live updates on anything from last-minute weather warnings to receiving payment updates - helping operators get organised and help save time. Cloud technology facilitates many benefits of running a property and keeping travellers happy whilst saving money for property operators. It is time to adjust your focus to automating aspects of your traveller's journey to reap the benefits of this powerful technology. 


There is an appetite for automation in travel. Reflecting on 2023 and our travel to events around the world, a major discussion and interest among the crowd was about automating processes. RMS has taken the lead in pioneering this technology, showcasing automation features, like the RMS Guest Portal that can improve properties' operations and reduce front desk demands.

-Stephen Martin, Cheif Sale Officer at RMS Cloud


RMS' digital software is currently used by over 7,000 operators worldwide, who are already adopting automation as a critical process in the customer's journey. RMS' advanced system is meeting customer expectations before they have even left the house and begun their holiday, from booking a room to adding on activities and making payment – all through RMS' Guest Portal feature. Automating the customer's journey and using a system that allows for quick and easy bookings with integrated payments is now expected by travellers. Automation removes multiple layers that would otherwise take precious time on a traveller's holiday and, most importantly, removes check-in queues benefiting staff and guests. 


RMS software links directly to the customer, allowing operators real-time updates with bookings, two-way SMS messaging and check-in. This also means that operators can advance how they meet travellers' expectations and convert them into a reality with integrations that connect and speak to your PMS and are managed all in one place.  


Automating your check-in through your PMS is a complete game-changer in both the flow of a customer journey and eliminates time-sensitive check-ins, and welcomes a traveller. In contrast, other PMS providers use mobile kiosks, which adds an additional step in the customer journey for check-in and potentially stranded when out of order. With smart technology, such as RMS' Guest Portal, you give travellers the flexibility to manage their check-in via their smart device and always remain relevant and up-to-date with technology that can be updated in the cloud instantly.    


With the focus on governments and environmental change in the foreground for everyone, it has seemingly become a operator's responsibility to ensure travellers have the ultimate experience. What can you learn from RMS' automated customer experience?  


The future of park technology is about opting for a PMS provider that is not only built on a sound foundation of success," says Martin. "But one with your net income in mind, your customer's experience at heart and a keen eye on the innovation of tomorrow.

-Stephen Martin, Cheif Sale Officer at RMS Cloud