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Ted's Tech Summit 2023

Here's the scoop on the latest industry trends from Ted's Tech Summit 

Hoteliers can depend on technology to minimise operational risk, reduce staff burnout, maximise retention, and maintain customer satisfaction with advanced automation.

This year's Ted's Tech Summit was packed with insightful keynote speakers, interactive exhibits, and networking opportunities for industry leaders. 

One of the most impressive speakers at the event was Douglas Rice, MD of the Hospitality Technology Network. He spoke about the importance of digitalising the guest journey and how it can improve the overall guest experience.

Digitalising the guest journey involves using technology to create a seamless and personalised experience for guests, from booking to check-out and beyond.

-Dougla Rice, MD of the Hospitality Technology Network 

Rice's talk resonated with many attendees, as they recognised the increasing importance of technology in the hospitality industry. Hotels can differentiate themselves from the competition by providing guests with a seamless and personalised experience and driving repeat business.

The RMS team showcased its new innovative software, RMS Pay, at the event. RMS' payment gateway technology allows hotels to manage all their payments through a single platform whilst including easy upselling and value-adding to the overall guest experience. RMS Pay is innovative software that positively impacts bottom-line growth while allowing hotels to streamline their payment processes and provide guests with a seamless and secure payment experience.

The RMS Cloud team enjoyed meeting hospitality experts and networking with fellow industry leaders at this packed in-person event. The RMS team had the opportunity to exchange ideas and insights and learn about the latest trends and developments in hospitality technology.

Teds Tech Summit Australia 2023 was an exceptional event for the hospitality industry, providing a glimpse into the future of digitalising the guest journey. If you missed it this year, be sure to mark your calendar for next year's summit and join the conversation about the future of hospitality technology.


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TED Social Pics RMS
Duncan Waterman, Business Development Manager - RMS Pay 


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