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RMS enters 40th year of innovation

As RMS closes out 2022, they look ahead to a year of celebration as they enter the 40th year of innovation and technology. 


RMS has been hard at work with a year of new opportunities and strong growth across our global team. The RMS community has grown with new team members in Germany, India, Australia and Asia and has innovated technology that matches our customer needs with awards to back it up. 2022 has been a pivotal year for RMS to conquer the challenges presented at hand and grow to new heights that will take RMS into its 40th year of innovation as industry leaders in property management tech. 

RMS' 40 year will be a year dedicated to celebrating insights into technology and what it means to innovate. RMS was established in 1983 and has become the leading property management software in the world. With big plans to celebrate an evolutionary product of over four generations, RMS is ready to take innovation to the next level. 

RMS' roots are strong, and they are proud of what they have achieved in 2022. Streamlined teams have made RMS experts into an army who have worked hard to create an end-to-end solution, from the sales team to the development and marketing. And it could not have been achieved without the support from the RMS community of properties from all corners of the globe, says Peter Buttigieg, CEO, RMS Cloud. 


Next year takes RMS into its 40th anniversary. This year, we've taken RMS into more new countries and welcomed hundreds of new properties. Next year, our new strategy is to support our incredible community as we continue to grow by expanding both our product offering in parallel with further scaling our global support teams.  RMS is a platform that when running properties is crucial for success, and we are so proud to spread the word. 40 years of innovations says it all.

- Peter Buttigieg - CEO, RMS Cloud 


EDM_smarter 40 years


The RMS community of properties reached more than 184,000 global users this year and counting. The development in the industry isn't slowing down and is expected to expand - and RMS is ready to help make that happen. The RMS teams have worked hard to deliver some of the biggest names in property with solutions for Reflections Holiday Park, The Ascott Limited, Big4 Holiday Parks and the Villar Group Hotels - to name a few!

RMS has released 3,000 product enhancements in 12 months that have allowed for direct response to changing needs of their customers and evolved that into the latest technology required to operate a property successfully.


Over the past 40 years, technology has changed drastically. As one of the earlier adopters in migrating our business fully to a cloud-based system, we have evolved with experience that can't be matched. 

- Peter Buttigieg - CEO, RMS Cloud


RMS technology has proven to be the most secure and reliable over 2022, with 99.99% uptime and ensuring an advanced team is working 24/7 to keep customer data safe. Furthermore, RMS have partnered with over 200 new integrations in 2022, with many more expected to join our 700+ partner directory.

Over the year, RMS has sponsored events within our community that highlighted the industry's best and presented awards to properties of great excellence. Amongst some of the awards that stood out was RMS' founder and CEO, Peter Buttigieg, being honoured as an industry legend by Vic Parks for his outstanding contribution to the park industry in Australia for over 39 years.

In 2023 RMS will carry its strong legacy to innovate and inspire its community by delivering exceptional guest experiences, driving ROI and taking business goals to new heights. 


As we embark on a new year and round out 2022, I couldn't be more grateful of our team and community of properties who have endlessly supported RMS. Next year, I look forward to taking innovation to the next level and ensuring properties all around the world join our journey as we start a new chapter in our 40th year of business.  

- Peter Buttigieg - CEO, RMS Cloud


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