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Setting New Industry Standards with Guest Facing Technology

In the ever-evolving hospitality landscape, the partnership between RMS Cloud and Nightcap Hotels has brought about unprecedented success and laid the groundwork for a new era of guest experience enhancement. With the exciting launch of The Brook by Nightcap Plus on the horizon, RMS Cloud's innovative technology has already demonstrated its prowess, leading to a remarkable 30% increase in streamlined check-ins through the efficient RMS Guest Portal.

Nightcap Hotels has always been a leader in delivering enduring guest experiences, and their unwavering commitment to the industry has been a driving force behind their success. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming launch of the Nightcap Plus property, The Brook by Nightcap Plus symbolises a promising future for the collaborative partnership setting new standards for guest experiences together.   

We extend a big congratulations on the success of another location within the ALH Hotels Portfolio, which now includes 117 accommodation locations across the country (and growing). Our collaboration with Nightcap Hotels has been marked by positivity and synergy, making it a truly exceptional partnership.

Stephen Martin, Chief Sales Officer at RMS Cloud

RMS' suite of innovative products plays a pivotal role in supporting the success of the Nightcap hotels. The Guest Portal, a cornerstone of RMS technology offerings, empowers guests to manage their stays seamlessly.   

Guests can engage with contactless document uploads, submit personal requests, and check in before arriving at the hotel. The user-friendly interface is designed for easy smartphone access, handing the controls over to guests while providing management with more free time. RMS' secure, customer-centric technology enables Nightcap Hotels to deliver lasting guest experiences while streamlining operational efficiency.   

In a dynamic industry where automation and contactless technology are becoming increasingly essential, RMS has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions for the Nightcap Hotels.   

Guests are encouraged to log in to the RMS Guest Portal via customisable Triggered Correspondence, which completes guests' check-in before arriving at the hotel. This combination allows Nightcap Hotels to automate guest communication, data collection, and in some cases, payments, all of which help to streamline the guest check-in process and eliminate administrative tasks. The takeup of pre-check-ins for Nightcap Hotels now sits at 30% of all arrivals. Speeding up the check-in process. 

"It is important to capture snippets of guest data and remove manual tasks for your staff to reduce the check-in time or, even better, eliminate it," says Martin. "By doing this simple step, Nightcap Hotels instantly elevate the guest experience".   

Our partnership with Nightcap Hotels extends beyond technological features into delivering tangible, exceptional guest experiences. It's about co-creating genuine guest experiences and setting new industry standards, and working alongside the recent development of The Brook by Nightcap Plus has been an enriching experience for RMS. 


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