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RMS Announces Connection with FLYR

We're excited to announce an integration with FLYR, one of the world’s leading revenue optimisation systems.

A young and innovative company, FLYR has consistently delivered revenue increases of 5 10% for hoteliers worldwide. Their clients range from Nightcap Hotels and Generator to members of leading hotel groups such as Accor and Best Western.

“Increasing top-line revenue has never been more important given the income challenges faced by the accommodation industry right now. We're pleased to offer our clients the option of using FLYR,” says Peter Buttigieg, Managing Director of RMS.

FLYR CEO Jens Munch, who co-founded the company in 2017, welcomed the integration with RMS. “We're delighted to be working with RMS Cloud and look forward to helping their clients improve revenue optimisation with superior data analysis and pricing strategies,” Munch says.

According to Munch, FLYR is an adaptable and automated system that continuously explores opportunities to push rates higher and maximise property revenue.

He adds that FLYR users are able “to build their own dashboards to facilitate data-driven decisions and convey strategy to stakeholders with striking visualisations”.

Brett Salter, Accommodation Manager at ALH Group and Nightcap Hotels is an RMS client who says his business opted for FLYR after trialling several competitors. He is very pleased with the early results.

“After an evaluation phase with multiple vendors, FLYR stood out for its innovation, return on investment and local support,” says Salter. 

“We've now turned on their revenue automation for the entire group. An early sign that we'd made the right choice was the smooth on-boarding of all properties in less than a few weeks.”

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