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Be empowered with technology that helps save lives.

RMS Cloud partners with Defibs Plus

At RMS Cloud we strive to make a difference, not only in providing innovative technology but also supporting the well-being of our community. With over 30,000 Australians dying each year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, we are asking you to help us take action by becoming part of a collective solution with DefibsPlus. 

RMS has been a longstanding sponsor of the DefibsPlus and has encouraged more than 378 campground and park owners to install automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a life-threatening condition where the heart unexpectedly and suddenly stops beating. With most cases happening within remote areas when people are travelling, DefibsPlus technology is designed to help empower everyday people in saving lives and giving them the right education to increase survival rates with emergency response time being low due to distance.  

RMS is working alongside the Heart Foundation and Monash University to build awareness of the prolific benefits for businesses who own campgrounds, holiday destinations and centres to install DefibsPlus AED technology – allowing for 80% survival. 

With the knowledge and experience of our partners at Monash University, this ground-breaking online program provides industry leaders, colleagues, our families and the wider community with the skills and confidence to perform CPR and defibrillation in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

“It is simply a matter of signing up to the HeartSmart program and learning Bystander CPR and Defibrillation so we can work together in saving lives,” says Peter Buttigieg, Founder and CEO of RMS Cloud 

Supporting DefibsPlus is an important partnership to RMS with a huge number of our customers based within remote locations across Australia.  

“We want to work in parallel with the Federal Government and Caravan Industry Association of Australia to save lives and ensure properties have the know-how if someone needs urgent assistance,” says Buttigieg.

Over 1000 caravan parks across Australia can now access 1 million in funding to install a free defibrillator to their properties, making our favourite outdoor holiday locations a lot safer. 

The founder of DefibsPlus, Louise Dawson, is grateful for the partnership and our ongoing support.

“Thank you, Peter and the incredible RMS team, for the unconditional love and support that you have shown to both DefibsPlus and Monash University Paramedicine as founding sponsors of the HeartSmart Program,” says Louise. “We look forward to continuing our work together in building on our Heart Safe Communities.”


Help make Australian campgrounds and holiday destinations a safe place for everyone; sign up to receive an AEDs and support today.

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