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Streamline Peak Season Operations with RMS for Effortless Holiday Park Management

Managing a holiday park during peak seasons can be a challenging task, with the surge of guests and administrative responsibilities. However, integrating cutting-edge payment gateways such as RMS Pay can transform the check-in process into a hassle-free experience, ensuring seamless operations and heightened guest satisfaction. Let's explore how embracing technological advancements can alleviate the pressure of this year's peak season and revolutionise the check-in process at the front office.

Here are two ways to help streamline your check-in process with RMS this upcoming peak season:

Effortless Payments for Smooth Check-ins

Managing payments can be cumbersome and labour-intensive. With RMS's secure integrated payment gateway, RMS Pay, the check-in process becomes seamless and stress-free for both guests and park operators. Real-time payment processing, along with Triggered Correspondence and automation features, accelerates check-in times and guarantees timely payments, thereby enhancing overall guest satisfaction and management efficiency.

Exclusive to RMS Pay, parkies can securely send a payment link via SMS or email, requesting payment of a set value via RMS Pay-By-Link, so guests can pay for their stay from any device. The technology used is fully PCI-compliant and holds the guest's credit card for easy payment processing and ensuring all transactions are secure. Additionally, parkies can utilise the power of Automated Triggered Correspondence to help set up payment reminders before the Pay-By-Link expires.

RMS Pay has been a game changer for us – the Pay by Link is amazing for us, especially over Easter. It saves so much time, and makes everything so much easier. For a small park with not a lot of staff … to be able to just send out pay-links to everyone … and see the money coming in in the morning … it was easy and works really, really well.

– Adam Spencer, Cania Gorge Tourist Retreat 


RMS Pay also facilitates the quick release of funds held during pre-authorisation back to the cardholder with just a simple click, significantly reducing any waiting period and enhancing guest satisfaction. The Pre-authorisation payment tokens temporarily secure funds on a Credit Card, which can be utilised for the guest's reservation account, ensuring a streamlined and secure payment process.

Simplify Check-in with Contactless Technology

The RMS Guest Portal plays a pivotal role in reducing wait times at the front office, thereby enhancing the overall guest experience. By offering a self-service platform, the Guest Portal empowers guests to complete various tasks remotely, including check-in, payments, and accessing vital information, without requiring direct assistance from the front office staff. This not only reduces queues and wait times but also enables operators to allocate resources more efficiently, focusing on providing personalised services and addressing specific guest needs.

Leveraging contactless technology, the Guest Portal allows guests to navigate the check-in process and access essential services using their own devices. With a new streamlined interface, guests can now log in with their primary email address or phone number and a security code, eliminating the need to enter individual booking details. The contactless approach employed by the Guest Portal promotes a seamless and convenient experience for guests and meets the industry's demand for a touchless solution.


With RMS, ensure a smooth and efficient peak season by leveraging advanced technology for a seamless check-in experience and optimised park management.

Learn more here about our latest enhancements in RMS tech to help grow your park.

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