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The RMS Guest Portal refresh has arrived

Releasing to Live 28th March 2023

Refreshed login screens are coming soon to your RMS Guest Portal. By streamlining the login process, the updated UI makes accessing the RMS Guest Portal smoother and easier than ever.

The new design allows your guests to log in with their primary email address or phone number and a security code, removing the need to enter individual booking details.

Once logged in, the features your guests love will still be right at their fingertips, exactly where they've always been.


See the new RMS Guest Portal login screens in action below:

Now is a great time to merge duplicate guest records in your system.

This will allow guests to access your Guest Portal using their primary email address or phone number associated with their reservation, without a hitch.

Merging is easy - simply head to Utilities > Client Merge in 9+ to select your desired field matches and easily remove the duplicates. You can also set this to auto-merge based on your preferences. You can learn more on how to run a data merge in our help centre.

Don't worry – if guests attempt to log-in while duplicate records exist, they will be shown a message to contact your property.

If your guest contacts you with this message, all you'll need to do is merge their guest record on the spot. From there, they'll be able to log straight in with their email address or phone number, as usual.


Soon, the RMS Guest Portal will have a whole new look and feel throughout. We're excited to launch the first phase of our redesign and to hear your feedback on this taste of what's to come.


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