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3 email marketing ideas using the latest RMS Campaign Builder tool

In the digital age, mastering the art of Email Marketing can be a game-changer, and with RMS' new innovation updates, you can pioneer your guest communication this season. Let's delve deeper into three key Email Marketing strategies to guide you in making the most of this holiday season, plus learn how to use RMS' Campaign Builder tool.


Tailoring the guest experience with lists

Segmentation goes beyond organising; it's about providing a personalised experience to each guest. You can send targeted campaigns that resonate with each customer group by categorising your email list based on factors like booking behaviour or demographics. For instance, imagine sending a tailored email featuring exclusive promotions to a frequent booker that allows them to book the same room as last time. This offers a more enticing deal and shows you understand and value that guest.

How to use in RMS: Report Writer is a versatile tool that generates custom reports, data exports, and mailing lists derived from any information stored in RMS. Send targeted campaigns using recorded Guest Profile data such as Loyalty/Membership, Classifications, Stay Reasons, or Statistics, ensuring precision in your outreach efforts.


Custom designs that engage with your guests

Well-designed emails grab attention, fostering a connection that sets your accommodation apart during the holiday marketing rush. Use customer data to create different offers directly tailored to your segmented guests, distinguishing yourself this season. For example, if guests frequently book the same accommodation, craft irresistible, personalised promotions that will engage with them. These emails go beyond promotion; they're gestures showing your guests they are genuinely valued.

How to use in RMS: With the latest RMS updates, you now have the ability to craft custom designs using the campaign editor. Elevate your branding and connect directly with guests through a library of design elements for your email campaigns. Take advantage of the enhanced tools in RMS' Campaign Builder to swiftly create and customise your EDMs.


Don't be afraid to send follow-up EDMs

Email retargeting is a great way to follow up with guests who could have missed your email. With potential guests often navigating away without completing a booking, a well-crafted retargeting email becomes your digital personal assistant, gently nudging guests back toward your accommodation. Creating compelling messages highlighting the unique benefits of booking during the festive season can reignite the interest that led guests to your site in the first place. This strategic approach ensures that every lead has the chance to convert into a reservation, maximising your holiday season bookings.

How to use in RMS: Build out your campaigns in one go so you can set, save and have your emails ready. Within your mailing lists, you can view reports and information to send retagged emails based on insightful data. Clearly label, design and set your retargeted emails up in RMS' campaign manager so you can quickly drop them into guest inboxes.  


Let your emails tell a story this holiday season—one of tailored experiences, personalised offers and gentle reminders. Your Email Marketing strategy can be the beacon guiding potential guests towards fully booked rooms and a revenue celebration that echoes long after the decorations are taken down. Cheers to a prosperous holiday season!


Learn more about how to use the new RMS Campaign Builder here or watch our 'how-to' video below. 


Click to watch our 'How-to' video on how to use our new email campaign updates and make beautiful emails.


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