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New Software Book Me Bob Partner with RMS


Book Me Bob is now fully integrated with RMS Cloud solutions and open to RMS clients. The global partnership comes at a crucial time for businesses struggling with market volatility caused by Covid-19. As hospitality businesses around the world are having to make hard calls to cut costs, Book Me Bob’s AI chatbot solution provides an opportunity to maintain high quality service levels and add a competitive edge during challenging times.

Book Me Bob is the first company in the world to perfectly match the capability of human-trained artificial intelligence to the needs of consumers and hotels around the world. Born out of the need to adapt or be left behind, Book Me Bob is the up-and-coming premier digital assistant trained by hoteliers for hoteliers to help make the customer experience seamless.

As the world changes, this New Zealand start-up helps decision makers take action now to future-proof their business for what lies ahead.

This start-up is enabling hospitality businesses around the world to take back control from intermediaries. In addition to being the first company to use human-trained AI to help complete the customer journey and improve the overall experience of users, Book Me Bob promises to improve margins for operators in one of the world’s most competitive industries, by offering upselling and cross-selling beyond the simple booking experience.

CEO and Co-Founder of Book Me Bob, David Thompson, says the partnership of the AI-powered digital assistant with RMS Cloud was a natural fit.  

“Both companies complement each other’s services. RMS Cloud has been at the forefront of property and reservations management systems for over 30 years, now Book Me Bob is here to add further value for businesses with the new capabilities of AI.”

As a solution that is customer-facing and responsive to what customers want, Book Me Bob also has a user-friendly back-end dashboard for staff to operate. It aims to empower people to take control and have the best possible experience.

Considering tourism is one of the biggest industries globally, contributing over US$7.6 trillion), Book Me Bob is using technology to positively elevate the industry across the world. 

Book Me Bob continually uses the expertise of some of the most-experienced hotel experts in the industry to train a virtual concierge (chatbot) set to be the Xero of the hospitality industry. It brings together the best of both worlds: hoteliers and technology experts knowing what customers and business owners alike need.

Book Me Bob, as the founders say, wants to help hotels improve their customer experience through cost-effective and high quality chatbot-powered customer support, freeing staff to focus on other duties. 

The world is changing, and forward-thinkers are called to take advantage of the opportunities that lie within the current market shift.

Fact Sheet

  • Book Me Bob’s founders are experts in their respective fields – hospitality and technology – and are passionate about bringing the hotel industry into the 21st century.
  • Book Me Bob integrates with existing systems, therefore making it easy to implement a better customer experience and improved booking conversions.
  • Prices are fixed and charged relative to hotel sizes.
  • Book Me Bob provides a pre-trained hospitality digital assistant to help convert more website visitors into direct bookings. It boosts sales; optimises costs and provides a 5-star guest experience.
  • Conservative estimates indicate hotels using Book Me Bob and making just five more direct bookings per day will have $39,000 PA more for their bottom line. 
  • Book Me Bob includes: 
  • Instant responses
  • Consistent answers and messaging
  • 24/7 availability
  • No/less reliance on intermediaries 
  • Direct bookings, resulting in less costs, commissions paid etc. 
  • Big data and detailed instant reports e.g. time stamp of when conversations occur that can be used for marketing, promotions 
  • Promotions targeted at specific questions, time stamps, country of origin
  • Direct cost control (staff don’t have to repeatedly answer the same question on the phone) 
  • Productivity increases, allowing staff to use their time more efficiently and effectively 
  • Direct control of rates and inventory, and no artificially produced rates by intermediaries

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