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RMS Announces New Guest Loyalty Module

RMS Cloud has developed a new loyalty module for its hospitality technology platform that will enable accommodation operators to easily reward guests and encourage repeat stays.

Guest Rewards is now in final testing with select clients and will be released early next year. It gives operators the tools to create customised programs and foster brand loyalty by allocating points for guest stays and activities. 

“We’re excited to be adding another feature to our property management system that drives revenue and improves the guest experience,” said Peter Buttigieg, RMS Founder and Managing Director.

“Guest Rewards will help properties reduce their acquisition costs and increase brand loyalty by encouraging guests to return again and again.” 

The new module is simple to use. 

All it takes is one click for property staff to enroll an existing guest in their loyalty program, making it a hassle-free experience for guests who start earning points immediately. 

The module is also fully customisable, allowing hoteliers to set up a points and rewards system that makes sense for their property and guests.

“RMS provides highly configurable software to meet the needs of each client. This new module allows hotels to create a loyalty program unique to their brand and gives each RMS client complete control over their loyalty program offerings,” added Buttigieg.

Guest Rewards will be available to all RMS clients in early 2020 and is currently available to select clients in Beta.

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