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Deliver the ultimate contactless experience with Goki's SmartLocks

RMS proudly announces our newest property access control and lock technology partner, Goki. With the sheer necessity and rising guest demand for contactless check-in, Goki takes the process one step further and allows you to continue the contactless experience from the initial booking until guests step foot inside their accommodation.

Not only enhancing the check-in and keycard experience for your guests, but Goki also has the tech side covered with an intuitive and user-friendly solution. Operating entirely in-browser, guests do not need to download another app to their device. Instead, a Goki access information is sent with each guest's booking confirmation, allowing them to access the property once their reservation begins.

For those worried about the risk of technical glitches, Goki locks operate using Bluetooth – meaning no patchy cellular data or Wi-Fi outages will prevent your guests from accessing their room. And as the ultimate failsafe, all Goki locks come fitted with a PIN code dial, with a personalised code pre-issued to all reservations with their booking confirmation. So, no matter the situation, your guests will always have access.

We're excited to have Goki onboard, says Liz Kent, RMS' Integrated Partner specialist. Goki is the missing piece to the puzzle when it comes to providing guests with the ultimate contactless guest experience. RMS customers can now take advantage of this new partnership that seamlessly integrates with their PMS, making access control and digital keycards a breeze for guests and staff alike.

These secondary pins can be personalised by each guest, making them easy to remember. Codes can be easily used across different properties and multi-night stays – with access activated automatically as each reservation begins and ends. And for guests that prefer the good old-fashioned key card? They can still be coded and issued at your discretion, working effortlessly in the same system.

With the option to install new Goki SmartLocks across your property or retrofit existing hardware with the Goki SmartDisc, a stylish, functional, and affordable Goki solution is available for all properties and enterprise needs.
Goki creates a reliable, seamless and self-sufficient system that allows guests to easily and quickly access your property with minimal assistance.

Learn more here on how your property can integrate with Goki with RMS Cloud.

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