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RMS Cloud integrates with Aussie Holiday Stays for a new take on Australian accommodation booking

RMS is proud to announce our integration with Aussie Holiday Stays – founded by travel enthusiast Amanda Walker, Aussie Holiday Stays has been designed with a genuine passion for travel, love for Australia, and a mission to provide a booking experience with heart. 

With Aussie Holiday Stays, Australian hosts now have access to a booking platform that combines efficiency, fairness, and a personal touch. By simplifying the booking process and offering reasonable commission rates, Aussie Holiday Stays aims to provide an exceptional experience for both hosts and guests. As a locally-based platform, they understand the unique needs of the Australian market and actively work towards supporting sustainable tourism. 

Streamlined booking process

Thanks to the collaboration between Aussie Holiday Stays and RMS, hosts can now enjoy a seamless and efficient booking process. By connecting directly with RMS, rates, minimum stay requirements, availability calendars, property descriptions, and images can effortlessly flow from the property management system to the Aussie Holiday Stays website. This integration eliminates the hassle of manual data entry for hosts and ensures a smoother connection between the two platforms. 

Fairness and reasonable commission rates

What sets Aussie Holiday Stays apart from other international booking platforms is their unwavering commitment to fairness and reasonable commission rates. They understand that hosts are just as important as the guests they accommodate. With a commission rate set at 5% on a pay-per-booking basis, including the payment gateway fee, Aussie Holiday Stays offers hosts a fair deal. Additionally, the platform can collect a bond from guests on behalf of the hosts, further simplifying the financial process. Guests are charged a 5% booking fee, resulting in a total commission of 10%, which proves to be more affordable than many of their competitors. 

Local expertise and sustainable tourism

Being a locally-based Australian company, Aussie Holiday Stays takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and staying attuned to local communities. They understand the importance of maintaining close relationships with local councils and state governments to ensure that only appropriately registered properties are listed on their platform. By advocating for the industry and promoting sustainable tourism, Aussie Holiday Stays actively contributes to the changing landscape of short-term accommodation regulations. 

Join the Aussie Holiday Stays community

Aussie Holiday Stays is more than just an online booking platform; it's a community that values integrity, community spirit, and sustainability. They believe in supporting Australian-run businesses and collaborating with like-minded organizations to promote the importance of local support and responsible tourism. 

If you want to experience the difference that Aussie Holiday Stays offers, simply log a Support Request and the friendly RMS team will get you started. 


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