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Top 5 ways to improve productivity with RMS PAY

Statistics show that automation reduces room for human error, saves employees time and reduces labour costs. How? By improving productivity at work.

What are the top 5 ways RMS PAY helps to improve productivity? 

RMS PAY is the latest innovation from the team behind RMS Cloud; pioneers and leaders in PMS software for 40+ years. Getting the payments process right is integral to setting your business up for success, but payments can be tedious, subject to human error and vulnerable to fraud.  

RMS PAY is designed to combat these vulnerabilities and equip teams with the tools they need to be more productive on the job with the following innovations.  


1. RMS PAY introduces online payments 
  • Provides a payment gateway to process OTA VCCs and direct bookings 
  • Email pay links are branded and great for corporate bookings 
  • SMS pay links are super convenient and great for leisure bookings 


2. RMS PAY is packed with automations 
  • Automatically balances online and RMS PAY terminal payments  
  • Allows you to set up scheduled payment triggers for guests to pay in increments 
  • Setting surcharging rules once will apply them to all future payments 


3. RMS PAY prevents revenue leakage due to fraud 
  • Encrypts credit cards as secure tokens that can be retained on the guest profile 
  • Allows properties to capture pre-authorisations without manual form-filling, only requiring a simple click to hold or release funds 
  • Enforces 3D security on CNP payments, shifting the onus back to the guest 
  • Provides a dashboard to monitor, accept and defend credit card disputes 


4. RMS PAY improves guest experience 
  • Makes payments quick and convenient (pay through email link, SMS link, or mobile pay) 
  • Accepts a wide array of payment types (local and international, online and terminal) 
  • Allows the property to charge a credit card token to process cardless payments securely 
  • Works with the Guest Portal feature of RMS to make pre-check-in more impactful for staff and guests 


5. RMS PAY saves you time 
  • Automating lengthy processes like end-of-shift balancing 
  • Eliminating manual processes that breach PCI DSS security like taking card details over the phone 
  • Significantly speeding up other processes like process pre-authorisation holds  
  • The product is quick to learn and teach and support is widely available



If I extrapolate on the time it takes to do things like end-of-shift balancing for example, with RMS Pay doing it for you, you can save the equivalent amount of time and money of a part-time staff member’s wages just by using the product.

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