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RMS appoints new head of parks, Australia

RMS supports a 4.4bn Park and Campground industry with a long-standing team member appointed as the Australian Park manager. With 20 years of experience in the industry, RMS have found the perfect fit to support its already strong foothold in the Park sector within Australia. 

RMS are celebrating one of their veteran team members, Courtney Hall, with a newly appointed position as Sales Manager, Parks and Campgrounds for Australia and New Zealand. The highly- contested position has been filled internally after a rigorous recruitment process, delivering over two decades of experience and the right fit for the park sector. RMS wanted to ensure it delivered on the proud history of its partnership with the Australian park industry, which the business started 40 years ago –and Hall is the perfect fit.  


The Parks division remains a strategic priority for RMS in Australia and New Zealand, with RMS covering 70% of the market share for suppliers of park technology. The new role is a massive junction to RMS' 2023 plans with strong growth strategies under the newly appointed Chief Sales Officer, Stephen Martin. With the industry worth 4.4bn and expected to grow 6.5% in 2023, Martin is putting RMS' most elite leadership team in place to ensure parkies are getting the support they need.  


Hall's 20-year journey with RMS Cloud has been pivotable to the success of RMS' pioneering software, and now she is ready to embrace the challenges parkies face across the industry. Her extensive knowledge and understanding over the years, combined with the latest advances within RMS, is the perfect balance  –both new and long-term parks win. With a heavy focus on helping update the Australian and New Zealand park industry, Hall is entirely equipped and ready to nurture RMS park operators and really takes the time to discuss operational challenges in detail. Fostering a closer relationship with the parks community will be a personal goal while in this role and will provide a new conduit for the two-way relationship to grow and flourish.  


I am here to help parkies understand how to get the best out of RMS software, for example, automation should add huge value to Parkies in the industry. It shouldn't be a deterrent for more work or cancelled bookings but, in fact, the opposite. I want to share with Parkies that automating their park is about being in control and choosing how they set up everything from bookings to guest communication. 

– Courtney Hall, RMS Cloud

RMS has paved a concrete road map for the Park division for 2023, and this is the first step to delivering a park representative who knows and understands parks. Hall's understanding of the industry goes beyond her 20 years at RMS and deep into her family roots, where she has been camping with her family locally for years.    


Parks are a great fit for my family. I have always appreciated the wide open space and the adventure of the Australian landscape. Call me old fashioned, but I love sitting around the fire and spending that quality time in the great outdoors. 


Hall is thrilled to be starting a new chapter in her career at RMS Cloud and is excited to take on new challenges with confidence. Having started her new role this week, Hall will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to expand the number of RMS Parks and, most importantly, maintain relationships with RMS' most valuable parkies. Hall's experience will undoubtedly set new standards in the industry and is an invaluable asset to the RMS team. Hall will attend Australia's largest park and campground event, CIAA National Conference, in May, where Australian park owners can arrange to meet up with Hall, "I am looking forward to meeting everyone face to face and really getting to know our parkies". 

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