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The latest tech trends from ATM Dubai 2023

Once again, ATM Dubai 2023 has taken the hospitality industry by storm, solidifying its reputation as the Middle East's premier event. With big names, exciting trends, and innovative solutions, RMS Cloud couldn't be more prouder to exhibit and showcase solutions transforming the industry for a second year. 

Zen Valli, Managing Director - EMEA, from the RMS Cloud team, has the latest insights on AI, Travel and highlights to share from the event. 

Key Industry Trends: Sustainability was a huge focal point at ATM Dubai. The industry is taking the green revolution seriously, which was very evident at the event. Organisations displayed with pride their eco-friendly initiatives, from energy-efficient practices to creative waste reduction strategies. Witnessing the hospitality sector's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing sustainability is commendable.

Further, AI and data-driven solutions took centre stage when analysing the major key trends. The power of artificial intelligence in enhancing customer experiences, optimising operations, and driving revenue growth was a hot topic. From AI-powered chatbots to mind-blowing analytics platforms, these cutting-edge innovations are redefining the game, delivering personalised services, and unleashing real-time insights for guests and hoteliers.

Influential Players Stealing the Show: ATM Dubai hosted an impressive lineup of industry professionals, including some of RMS Cloud's noteworthy partners and customers,  Ideas, Rate Gain, Cheval Collection, Staycae, Westminster Properties, and The Ascott – you name it, they were all there! These renowned companies brought their A-game, showcasing their latest offerings and leaving everyone in awe. It was truly inspiring to witness the collective expertise and contributions to the advancement of the hospitality sector. And being part of it was indeed a privilege.

RMS Cloud showcased its latest tech: Unleashing the power of innovation among the stellar participants, we stole the spotlight with our game-changing solutions in PMS technology. We showcased our cutting-edge software solutions that empower hotels and resorts to supercharge their daily operations, enhance guest experiences, and unlock revenue through the RMS Guest Portal. We demonstrated its powerful contactless and automated technology that allows guests to be in control of their bookings with self-check-in features.

We engaged with our cherished customers, prospects, and partners, giving them a firsthand look at our innovative solutions with exclusive live demonstrations. Our focus on operational efficiency, innovation and revenue-saving solutions struck a positive chord, and we're thrilled to have made a lasting impression.

Overall, ATM Dubai brought together hospitality's biggest names, and we were thrilled to be among them. RMS Cloud showcased how our solutions revolutionise operations, drive sustainability goals, and cut costs for our clients across the region.


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