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Distribution management is made easy with Bakuun.

Join us in welcoming our newest integration partner, Bakuun! Specialising in automating operations and improving efficiencies, Bakuun allows hotels and travel agencies to manage booking operations with a single platform, increasing bookings and your bottom line.

Filling a significant hole in the distribution chain, often neglected by Channel Managers and Online Travel Agents, Bakuun cuts down on ever-growing commissions without additional investment and determent to your online presence, social media activity, and broader marketing strategies. Bakuun does the brunt work all while your property continues to increase bookings, attract new customers, and lift your bottom line with lower commissions and increased rates.
Partnering with Bakuun allows three significant areas of benefit to RMS users. Firstly, the ability to market and book non-typical room types and stays; secondly, a direct line into the airline disruption market; and thirdly, significantly reduces costly fees and ever-growing commissions charged by Channel Managers and OTAs.

Bakuun allows your property to offer and promote packages and accommodation offers that aren't typically supported by online platforms or require unique configuration and restrictions. Business clients can book your empty meeting rooms to suit their needs, if only for a few hours – functionality that's not typically available through the major players. Rooms can be made available for attendees during and outside meetings, allowing them to prepare and freshen up comfortably. Better yet, you can include full access to your amenities and services, offering special packages to business clients.

Bakuun doesn't just meet the needs of and further entice business customers. Bakuun also provides services for another niche market often overlooked by OTAs. Airlines! When flight disruptions occur, Airlines scramble to reserve rooms to accommodate their passengers – often at high volumes, with shorter stays. With highly unique needs and a last-minute booking model, Bakuun puts you first in line – allowing your property to tap into the airline disruption market by selling bulk rooms at enticing rates. Bakuun will enable you to configure dynamic rates that reflect current demand and offer by-the-hour stays until passengers depart – other enticing airlines to choose your property.
With the ability to reserve 100 rooms in under two minutes and in a single transaction, airlines highly regard Bakuun properties for providing exceptional customer service during times of discomfort. For properties, Bakuun offers customised dynamic rates that reflect real-time demand for your rooms, allowing you to fill otherwise empty rooms and accommodate short-stay passengers.

Not only does Bakuun allow you to promote unique stays and packages easily. At the same time, it opens the doors to new markets and fills otherwise empty rooms, and it also provides you with instant access to a wide range of connectivity partners. You can find the perfect partners that meet your business needs and goals while giving you the ability to work directly with partners to negotiate your own terms and payment processes.
Featuring one-time integration, Bakuun's single connection opens up your property to a long list of connectivity and demand partners, including the world's best and most popular brands. Once integrated, your property can be fully set up and connected to your first partner in just minutes.

As part of our partnership with Bakuun, we welcome their subsidiary Rate Dock to the RMS integrated partner family. Rate Dock acts as a direct interface between your property, connectivity partners, and demand partners. Seamlessly connect all aspects of your operations with Rate Dock to deliver the best booking experience for your guests, and increase automation across your operations.

With a wide range of tangible benefits, the RMS team is delighted to welcome Bakuun and RateDock into our integrated partner family.

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