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Take the pressure of pricing off your hands: RMS + RoomPriceGenie

As part of our Partner Showcase series, we're introducing you to RoomPriceGenie, a platform that connects to your PMS to yield and optimise every individual day. We caught up with the team to find out more about their services, how RMS clients can benefit from the integration and their exciting plans for the future.

Tell us more about RoomPriceGenie

RoomPriceGenie enables fully automated hands-off pricing for business owners that simply want to generate more income and do not employ a full-time revenue manager. RoomPriceGenie is your gateway into the world of automated revenue management and a no-brainer for any accommodation owner that is serious about increasing the income of their business.

What services do you provide for hospitality operators?

RoomPriceGenie is a pricing tool designed for owners of independent accommodations who require the best possible pricing with the least possible work.

What’s unique about RoomPriceGenie?

Traditional biases are that dynamic pricing is only of value to large hotels and nothing is further from reality. That is why we make dynamic pricing available to everyone - no matter your property type or size, nor your experience in setting dynamic rates.

We understand what it’s like running a hotel. We know that our solution must be simple to use. We know it has to be affordable. And we know that top-quality pricing is hugely important, so we never scrimp on that. Our customers help us build our solution, and their feedback is consistently positive. We trust that you find it valuable too.

How can RMS customers benefit from integrating with RoomPriceGenie?

  • Fully automated, hands-off, dynamic pricing
  • 7 pricing updates per day in RMS
  • Easy to set up and use

What are some of your recent successes?

Our key added value is growing our clients’ revenue, which we do with 22% on average in the first year of usage (including the COVID era).

And as we love continuous education, we recently co-launched our RoomPriceGenie Academy with RMS. The Academy is filled with actionable content to let technology make the life of any accommodation owner easier and more rewarding by freeing up time and increasing income.

What do your customers love about RoomPriceGenie?

Here are what some of out customers are saying about using RoomPriceGenie in their property:

RoomPriceGenie-Your-Apartment-Charlie-1-3-1 RoomPriceGenie-Alexandra-Hotel-1-3-1 RoomPriceGenie-Aura-Accommodation-Nick-1-1-1

What can RoomPriceGenie customers expect from you in the near future?

To make dynamic pricing and revenue management available for everyone, RoomPriceGenie is launching a new service in 2021: a revenue management concierge service dedicated to accommodation owners that require deeper personal assistance with their pricing strategy and do not employ a revenue manager.

As RoomPriceGenie love continuous education and enhancing lives with RMS, they are offering RMS clients a two-week free trial to experience the magic of RoomPriceGenie with no strings attached. No subscription or payment will be made until you tell them that you see the value in the app. No downside, only potential upside. Try it out and make the data-driven decision whether to continue or not once you see the numbers.

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