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Advanced back of house operations deliver a new level of efficiency - Flexkeeping joins RMS Cloud


Getting your tech stack just right can be challenging, but when you integrate the right pieces of technology, your business  gains the competitive edge. We are proud to announce our partnership with a market leader, Flexkeeping. One of the best pieces of technology to help you stay on top of efficient operations is housekeeping software, which enables real-time communication between staff and allows you to gain valuable insights into guest service trends and work process patterns, enabling you to cut down on costs, increase revenue and overall guest satisfaction

So, what is Flexkeeping?

Flexkeeping is a comprehensive hotel housekeeping and staff collaboration software. It is built around automating repetitive daily tasks and streamlining work progress information amongst staff members. It’s most important solutions include housekeeping, maintenance, team communication, checklists, SOPs, guest service automation, guest complaints management and lost and found software, all of which is backed by an in-depth reporting and analytics system for managers and owners. It is a software package that streamlines and optimizes daily operations for staff, and gives a clear overview of all things daily operations for management. 

What can you gain from using RMS to integrate with Flexkeeping?

Flexkeeping’s housekeeping software modules integrate with RMS seamlessly. The result is a streamlined workflow and increased visibility of operations, allowing housekeeping teams to work more efficiently and provide an overall better guest experience. 

  • Faster and more efficient work processes - The biggest benefit of Flexkeeping is that it saves a lot of time. It does that by automating many daily tasks like housekeeping scheduling, recurring tasks, preventive maintenance planning and relieving staff of administrative work. Instead they can spend more time actually completing their tasks. The other way Flexkeeping saves time is by streamlining all daily communication between staff. There is no more calling each other to check if a room is cleaned or if a repair was fixed. All information is available to all staff instantly on their mobile phones or computers. 

  • Lower operational costs - There are two ways hotels save costs with Flexkeeping: 1. Because of optimized processes, staff spend less working hours enabling hotels to save on labor costs. In some cases it also results in hotels needing less staff than before. And 2. There are features like Guest feedback, Amenities, Preventive maintenance planning and Maintenance supplies tracking that enable hotels to prevent and track costs of operations. For example, one study showed that a hotel saved 15% of costs on certain room amenities (such as small shampoos and soap) when implementing Flexkeeping’s amenities tracking system. 

  • Data driven decision making - For managers and owners, the biggest advantage and benefit is that Flexkeeping gives them a clear overview of daily operations. With it’s proactive reports and in-depth analytics, managers can track control and control operations from anywhere. Flexkeeping reporting and analytics tools go from simple daily reports that enable managers to assure ongoing quality and smooth operations, to in-depth analytics that enable them to measure operational KPI and implement data driven improvements to achieve operational excellence. 

Seamless integration with RMS Cloud

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How does this integration benefit RMS customers?

Flexkeeping pairs with RMS to deliver live status updates, room changes, and notifications into the hands of your entire staff. With us, departments can coordinate and operate better than ever as they are given instant remote access to room lists for cleaning, task management, checklists, SOPs, and more. With a few clicks, everyone can log and track both repairs and tasks. Comprehensive analytics will allow managers and HODs control over staff performance, productivity and efficiency.

"We have a great team with good people, and we want to provide tools to de-stress them because even the best of people can burn. Flexkeeping plays a central role in that. If I can give my staff a tool to make their job easier and better, I will do that"

Liutauras Vaitkevicius, Managing Director at the Zetter Group

No matter if your property is a beach-front resort, a hostel up in the mountains, or serviced apartments in the city, Flexkeeping can offer ways to accentuate your accommodations' unique attractions. 

By using Flexkeeping in partnership with the world's leading PMS system, RMS Cloud you will discover more time in each day and work with a happier back of house team meaning you can optimise your day-to-day operations by up to 70%. 

If you'd like assistance setting up your RMS Flexkeeping integration, please reach out to us today.


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