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Investing in the right cloud tech

Cloud technology is navigating the future of hotels and solving the industry's challenges, such as digital customisation for guests, eliminating redundant hardware and customer support that alleviates staff.

In reflection, 2022 has presented many new opportunities. We have finally shifted out of a sluggish era of delays and propelled into full swing with events, travel and networking! With so much downtime, it is only natural to be presented with new and revolutionary technology that will now become the tech trends of 2023.
The three-year hiatus has given the industry time to rethink, correct what wasn't working and now take action with tech that will make a difference to guests, our bottom line and effective operations.
- Stephen Martin, Chief Sales Officer, RMS Cloud  


Stephen Martin, newly appointed Chief Sales Officer for the globally renowned cloud software RMS Cloud, has seen expasive development in the industry, with new hotels opting for seamless cloud solutions, such as the award-winning luxury Cable Beach Hotel in Broom Western Australia, who signed up to RMS software last week.

RMS' software operation manages the top hotel brands locally in Australia, such as the 6-star accommodation Baillie Lodges, to globally recognised enterprise properties, such as The Ascott's 700+ global locations that highlights the power and diversity that cloud technology offers. Albert Ong, Head of Global Operations at The Ascott, explained that they needed a software solution like RMS to deliver on their aggressive expansion and shared that they needed a solution to connect all their properties in one place.

As we expand, we need scalable systems, and RMS' solution confidently meets this requirement.
- Albert Ong, Head of Global Operations, The Ascott


With RMS entering the property management market 39 years ago, they had the foresight to become early adopters of cloud technology, which allowed RMS to pioneer a unified enterprise structure for businesses. Unlike other architectures, RMS offers an all-in-one solution to data that is simplified and in real-time, with no limit to location or amount of properties.

"When I learned about cloud technology 10+ years ago, I knew that this technology was the future of how the hospitality industry would operate. Being one of the first, you are always presented with unknown challenges, but now, years later, we foundationally set the standard with experience that isn't comparable," says Peter Buttigieg, Founder and CEO of RMS Cloud.

Cloud technology is presenting as the only way forward for hotels and accommodation alike, Mr Buttigieg's savvy business decisions have given RMS customers a leg up and helped to be at the forefront of technology when it comes to meeting guests' expectations and evolving businesses. Looking beyond the basic requirements of customer service, the industry is now leaning on cloud technology to deliver new digital advances that empower guests to control their personal needs. Hoteliers are now adopting new tools for guests, automated check-in, intuitive house keeping tech, and data security measures to ensure seamless customer journey from their smartphones to check-in. Guests can change the temperature, open doors, make mood lighting and make special requests for room service - all from their smartphones.
Guest customisation has just got a lot more detailed and advanced! Creating ultimate guest experiences for any occasion has become the newest trend in hotels and is here to stay. It's becoming increasingly important to have software that can accommodate this and house your offering in one place.
- Stephen Martin, Chief Sales Officer, RMS Cloud 

We are becoming more connected via our smart devices and dependent on them for almost everything we do, so it is only intuitive that hoteliers shift their technology to what guests feel most familiar with. This also counteracts all the wasteful hardware, such as kiosks, that have been positioned as positive guest experiences when in theory, they are the opposite, with unreliable outages leaving guests waiting. Not only does this technology quickly become outdated, but it is also another contributing factor to environmental waste. Operating within a cloud system will eliminate this additional layer to your operations, start-up and service costs and unhappy guests. 

When unravelling the benefits of cloud technology, minimising labour costs and staff shortages has become dependent on a powerful cloud based property management software. Being able to provide relief to management with staff shortages has been a contributing factor to running a successful property. Within cloud technology, property owners can access automation tools that can replace staff and remove frustrations from guest experiences with digital check-ins, automated communication and pay-by-link transactions.

The success of a hotel operation will inevitably come down to how hoteliers are taping into cloud technology and taking on the full benefits it offers. With the power in guests' hands, cloud technology is moving hoteliers into 2023 on a nonstop train, and it's safe to say that it's a sure ride to jump on!

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