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The inaugural Peter Buttigieg Innovation Award

We are so proud to announce that RMS founder and CEO, Peter Buttigieg, has been honoured as an industry legend by Vic Parks for his outstanding contribution to the Park Industry. This week's VIC Parks Awards Gala Dinner consisted of industry excellence and achievements within the Park Industry across Australia and a humble yet fun night out with our Parkie friends.


Innovation has been the most important foundation of RMS' success and the only way for any business to keep at the forefront of competition. This award has allowed me to reflect on RMS' beginnings and where we began, and I am humbled to be appointed as an industry legend in innovation. I look back at all we have achieved and am genuinely grateful.                                                                                                                                                      -Peter Buttigieg RMS Founder & CEO


The strength of Peter's achievement is rooted in the depth of his passion for providing innovative hospitality technology to the world and his humble approach to his work, employees and family. Peter's success over 39 years is built on dedication to the industry and was not by chance or luck but through purpose and passion that he was able to create a global leading company.

Peter's involvement in the company has set the pace as a leader in innovation and as the creator of property management solutions. Peter started RMS in 1983 as a bootstrap start-up competing with pen and paper, early challenges included convincing operators that technology was the way forward for the hospitality industry. Peter continues to lead the innovation at RMS and deliver solutions to hospitality experts worldwide in 13 different markets, however, has a close connection to the campgrounds and park industry where RMS' software began.

Vic Parks - Image Blog_Peter's commitment to excellence reflects this Nobel award named after him by Vic Parks and is a true benchmark for setting the standards within the parks industry. The Peter Buttigieg award will be awarded each year to industry leaders in the Parks industry who continue to bring the newest innovations and efforts to the industry. Congratulations to BIG4 Ballarat Windmill Holiday Park for winning the Peter Buttigieg Innovation award!

The evening also presented itself with another layer of success when, RMS was winner of the Associate Member of the Year Award!

Peter's hard work and dedication are the bedrock of his success in the evolution of RMS Cloud. He continues to innovate and bring only the newest innovative solutions to the industry. Congratulations to our founder, leader, and CEO, Peter Buttigieg and BIG4 Ballarat Windmill Holiday Park on a successful night.


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