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5 Tech Trends Shaping the Hotel Industry

The Independent Hotel Show London 2023 brought together the latest trends shaping the future of hospitality for hoteliers, and we, the RMS Cloud team, were right in the thick of it. As providers of advanced tech solutions for the industry, we didn't just attend; we were part of the action. Here's a look at the key takeaways and insights from our executive team during this intense two-day event.


1. Efficient Tech Solutions for Enhanced Operations

The conference emphasised the growing need for operational efficiency. Hoteliers stressed the significance of a comprehensive property management system that effectively handles operations while meeting guest demands. Dynamic pricing was a hot topic, optimising room rates in real-time to boost revenue. Additionally, the importance of channel management in simplifying distribution and integrating direct booking tools was emphasised.
Amidst these discussions, enhancing the staff experience emerged as a crucial theme. Hoteliers highlighted that the right technology should not replace the human touch but rather empower it. Conversations at the RMS stand consisting of streamlined operations, productivity tools for maintenance or housekeeping, and automated communication tools were identified as essential for boosting staff productivity and enhancing guest satisfaction.


Our active participation in the event was vital in showcasing our seamless solutions and latest technology to Europe. It's a testament to our commitment to driving operational success and a privilege to connect with the industry.

Zen Valli, Managing Director of EMEA, RMS Cloud


2. The Confluence of Strategy and Creativity in Marketing

Sponsoring the Most Innovative Marketing Campaign at the Boutique Hotelier Awards, we were thrilled to discover the ingenious strategies being employed by brands. The 'Love is in the Air' campaign by Beaverbrook Surrey stood out, utilising visual grandeur with stationary hot air balloons in their Italian Garden and aligning with influential publications and celebrities to create a substantial digital footprint, reaching 100,000 Instagram followers. 


3. Sustainability: A Concrete Commitment, Not Just a Buzzword

The demand for sustainable accommodation is here to stay, and technology is being rapidly deployed to make a positive impact. Hoteliers are adopting eco-friendly technologies such as energy-efficient systems, smart thermostats, and PMS technology. RMS Cloud showcased solutions that promote eco-friendly operations, reducing harmful waste by minimising paper usage and implementing digital keys.


4. The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration emerged as a prevailing theme at the show, signifying the industry's recognition that isolation is not the path to success. Partnerships between hotels, tech providers, and other entities are set to define the next phase of industry growth. RMS Cloud continues its efforts in nurturing partnerships to amplify collective potential, as demonstrated by the vibrant showcase of the latest offerings from its extensive network of over 550 integrated partners.

Our partners hold a special place in our community. Their invaluable contributions empower our customers to customise tech stacks that pave the way for genuine success. A heartfelt thanks to all partners who connected with us at IHS.

Zen Valli, Managing Director of EMEA, RMS Cloud


5. AI and Chatbots: Shaping the Customer Experience

The discussions at the event underlined the significant influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbot integration in shaping the future landscape for hoteliers. This advancement is revolutionising guest experiences by streamlining interactions and offering tailored services. With AI, hotels can efficiently manage customer inquiries, optimise room service requests, and deliver valuable local area information. Furthermore, this technology allows hotels to gather crucial data on guest preferences and behaviour, enabling them to enhance personalised offerings and anticipate guest needs. Consequently, hotels are providing more seamless and intuitive services, fostering heightened guest satisfaction and loyalty.


BH&IHS_Image 3

The RMS Team Jonas Melzer, Zen Valli, Emma Hamilton, Davinder Gill, Linda Gijsbertsen, Jamie McBride.

BH&IHS_Image 4
2.RMS Cloud's Zen Valli & Jamie McBride with Idea's Mano Ledhar & Tatiana Salla-Taylor.
BH&IHS_Image 5
3 RMS Cloud's Zen Valli with Toby Ashworth of The Nare Hotel.
BH&IHS_Image 7
5 RMS Cloud's Zen Valli and Davinder Gill with Avenue 9 Solutions.
BH&IHS_Image 8
6 RMS Cloud's Zen Valli & Jamie McBride with Atomize's Marco Kleiner & Kajsa Johansson.

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