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The Talk of the Industry — The Magic of Augmented Reality is Here

Around the world, hotels are using AR to elevate and enhance their current and potential guests’ experience. Read more to find out how.

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Get Inspired with 4 Visionary Hospitality Partnerships

Take a look at four of the most memorable hospitality partnerships we’ve seen and get inspired.

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The Right Way to Mobile Message Your Guests

Mobile messaging is a great way to communicate with your guests, but there's a fine line between making the most of it and making it a nuisance. Read more about the right way to mobile message your guests.

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The Generation Gap — Accommodating Baby Boomers

While the needs of the trend-influencing millennial generation seem to be at the top of nearly every hospitality business’s strategy plan, it’s important to remember that a significant portion of your vacationer market falls into another category — namely, Baby Boomers. Read more about how to accommodate these vacationers.

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RMS, the fastest growing provider of Cloud PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS worldwide, signs a deal with top end hospitality chain in Sri Lanka – RESPLENDENT CEYLON (Dilmah Tea) for all Resplendent Ceylon prestigious sites commencing with Resplendent Ceylon’s luxurious Sri Lankan properties.

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The Frictionless Solution: Hospitality Success Depends On It

Frictionless. Definition? “Achieve with little difficulty. One simple word that inspires new goals and ultimately, vast improvements in every facet of your hospitality operation. This is not the trend of the future — it’s the necessity of doing business today.

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Memorable Amenities: Make Your Property’s Services Stand-Out

Guests have come to expect certain amenities: blow dryers, coffee machines, toiletries, and continental breakfasts. But many hospitality businesses are upping their amenity game. Read more to see how you can make your property's services stand out.

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The New Campground Generation Is Coming — Are You Prepared

Prime campground season is underway and in case you haven’t heard — 2017 is bringing out the nature lovers in a big way. In the U.S. alone, more than 3.4 million households have become new campers over the last three years, and thanks to younger generations in particular, that trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

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6 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency at Your Property

Boosting reservations, marketing, and enhancing the customer experience are what make the hospitality industry. But what about money-saving aspects of the business? Check out how to improve energy efficiency and save money!

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Facebook “City Guide” — What You Need to Know

In early March of this year, Facebook released its newest attraction — “City Guide,” a review and travel feature that your business just may find useful. 

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