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The New Campground Generation Is Coming — Are You Prepared

Prime campground season is underway and in case you haven’t heard — 2017 is bringing out the nature lovers in a big way. In the U.S. alone, more than 3.4 million households have become new campers over the last three years, and thanks to younger generations in particular, that trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

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6 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency at Your Property

Boosting reservations, marketing, and enhancing the customer experience are what make the hospitality industry. But what about money-saving aspects of the business? Check out how to improve energy efficiency and save money!

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Facebook “City Guide” — What You Need to Know

In early March of this year, Facebook released its newest attraction — “City Guide,” a review and travel feature that your business just may find useful. 

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The Challenges of Channels— How to Boost Your Direct Bookings

One of the features RMS Cloud offers is “Channel Management” — a way to manage and update all of your Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) details without hiring a third-party manager.

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4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Hospitality Business’s Online Reach

Whether you have a resort, hotel, campground or any other public-facing hospitality business, you know how important word-of-mouth is to your reputation.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Hospitality Staff Motivated (& Happy)

When it comes to your hospitality business’s success, there’s one fundamental guideline you should always abide by — keep your staff happy.

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5 Hospitality Tech Trends You’ll Want to Explore

There’s no question about it — these days, technology plays a starring role in the way virtually all quality hospitality businesses operate. 

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RMS - Our Promise

If there’s one rule of business we can all count on, it’s this — experience matters. 

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