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How the Right Campground Software Improves Guest Communications

Any campground owner will tell you that after so many properties and expansions, it becomes nearly impossible to manage all channels of guest communication. From conversing on different booking websites to phone calls and emails, things just get lost in the shuffle.

In today’s inundated digital world, one streamlined campground management software is like a breath of fresh air. Avoid guest communication mistakes with the right tool— a solution that neatly compiles interactions in a single place. 

With all-in-one campground management software, you can:

Grant guests the freedom to manage their own reservations through a guest portal.

Is your campground currently using guest experience tools to communicate with guests through their own portal? Move your operations into the digital age by giving guests one central place to manage their stay. 

A guest portal can house where and when their reservation is for, their check-in/out time, added upgrades for their stay, payment history, and more. Within RMS, for example, all guests’ communications are found on this one login, including any notices that require a response from the guest (like filling out a liability waiver) and even a Message Center. If a guest has any questions prior to or during their stay, they can hop into their portal for quick answers. You’ll receive a notification about their inquiry, without worrying about it getting lost behind other channel managers or other external messaging platforms.

Guests can access a guest portal at any hour of the day on a mobile device, making it a convenient place for them to manage and track their own travel details. Through RMS, for instance, a guest can manually change their check-in time and you’ll receive an instant alert— without the need for another form of communication like a phone call. They can even make secure payments or print statements, removing another layer of complexity from the equation. 

Automate email and SMS messages for better marketing communications.

Alongside a guest portal, consider guest marketing tools to improve your communications. 

Email marketing specifically has its perks, especially when it’s connected to a campground marketing software solution that pulls all conversations in one central location. Using a system like RMS, you can send targeted email campaigns that include promotional codes that guests can apply to their reservations through the online booking engine, as just one example. You can even schedule when these communications go out if you don’t want to email on demand. 

In addition to email marketing, SMS messages are becoming a more and more convenient way to converse with guests on the go. You can shoot out a quick text to let them know their room is ready or even promote events at your campground, just before they begin. With RMS, you can either automate or send out manual text messages to individuals and groups. Keep streamlined guest records so all information is captured for future interactions. 

Part of being a good communicator is remembering what people have previously told you in order to deepen future chats. If your conversations aren’t personalized, a guest will feel just like another fish in the big sea and the experience won’t feel special. 

By always capturing the information your guests share before, during, and after their visit, you can customize future communications to be unique for them. That’s why choosing a campground software that provides you fields for capturing guest preferences is so important. 

Remember all of the unique details that make up an individual guest like how they prefer earlier check-ins or their favorite time of the year to travel by selecting a management tool that makes adding these personal touches easy. These also come in handy to use in guest marketing to book repeat reservations!

Watch a Mini Demo of Our Guest Communication Features!

Are you interested in learning more about our all-in-one campground management software at RMS?

In our Guest Communication Best Practices webinar, two members of our team walk you through the back-end of our portal. See firsthand how to use the tool with easy step-by-instructions.

During the webinar, they’ll cover the ins and outs of our guest portal features, teach you how to automate emails and SMS messaging through triggered correspondence, as well as share a few tips for keeping in touch with guests before, during, and after their stay. What are you waiting for? It’s ready to watch right now!

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