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Queens Court

Unlocking Efficiency and Elevating Service Quality: Cairns Queens Court's Journey with RMS Pay

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An advantageous change with unparalleled success

Nestled in the heart of the city, Cairns Queens Court has been a long-term user of the RMS Vault, allowing them to tokenise guest credit cards and securely process payments. While the Vault served them well, they still faced operational challenges with a payment processing system that lagged behind the modern age. Shackled by time-consuming and resource-intensive processes, the Cairns Queens Court team jumped at the opportunity to be an early adopter of innovative, industry-leading hospitality technology. 

With its successor RMS Pay, already proving itself as the clear winner for properties around the globe, the transition proved to be a pivotal moment, not only resolving long-standing challenges but also yielding substantial operational improvements and cost savings.

Business challenge
Removing the burden of manual tasks

Cairns Queens Court's payment processing was burdened by the outdated operations of the RMS Vault, which required manual entry of card numbers into the bank's EFTPOS terminal. This not only wasted time but also necessitated a higher staffing level.

Lingering with outdated technology continued to be their Achilles' heel, frustrating guests and staff alike with cumbersome processes and long wait times. 

Our guest-facing team is flying now, processing payments in under ten minutes with RMS Pay. Using the Vault and manually entering card numbers into the bank EFTPOS terminal used to take six times longer.
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Product implementation
The perfect piece of the payment puzzle

The transition to RMS Pay was swift, seamless, and nothing short of transformative. Payment processing, once a tedious and time-consuming task, now takes a fraction of the time, thanks to the user-friendly, automated features of RMS Pay

Aqua_Customer Support
Streamlined payment processing

RMS Pay's user-friendly system streamlined the payment process, eliminating the need for manual card number entry and reducing processing time dramatically. The payment processing team at Cairns Queens Court now speeds through transactions, with daily payments processed in under ten minutes.

Reduced staffing

The efficiency gains unlocked by RMS Pay have allowed the property manager to optimise staffing levels. What was once a two-receptionist operation during morning shifts has now been streamlined to a single receptionist, ensuring leaner staffing costs.

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Cairns Queens Court quote

After reading up on RMS Pay and attending a great webinar, I had no hesitation at all in moving over from the Vault – I wish I had done it earlier.

Zac Sarnecki  Director, Cairns Queens Court
Partnership outcomes
Payments defining progress

The collaboration between Cairns Queens Court and RMS Pay resulted in a successful transition that brought numerous benefits. The hotel now operates with enhanced efficiency, decreased operational costs, and, most importantly, a superior guest experience.

Cairns Queens Court's journey with RMS Pay serves as a shining example of how the right technology can transform operations, optimise staffing, and elevate service quality in the hospitality industry.

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