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Highend Resort, Spa and Beach Club 
Exclusive beachfront location in Broome, Australia
Communication solutions for high turnover
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An exclusive escape on the world-famous Cable Beach

Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa is a breathtaking holiday destination located on the picturesque coast of Broome, Western Australia. This premium resort is renowned for its stunning beachfront location, luxurious accommodations, and unparalleled service.

The resort boasts an array of world-class facilities, including multiple restaurants, bars, swimming pools, tennis courts, a spa, and a fitness centre. Guests can choose from a range of room types, from studios to suites, all of which are designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing stay.


Business challenge
Managing guest communications and centralising data with a streamlined solution

Cable Beach Club faced a significant crisis management challenge when it came to the safety of its guests during cyclone season. The resort's previous software lacked transparency and did not provide a clear view of bookings and rooms on a single screen, updating management swiftly. This resulted in a lack of visibility, which made quick evacuation in the event of an emergency difficult.

Another major issue for the resort was finding an easy way to communicate important procedures and policies with guests during cyclone season. With the need to streamline communication, the resort staff were faced with the challenge of providing clear and concise information to guests, only relying on bulletin posts around the property and meeting points which led to concerned guests making their way to the front desk to ask questions.

Cable Beach Club required a streamlined solution that allowed for communications, data and reservations to be connected in one place.

We changed to RMS to find a solution that could handle the large capacity and turnover of guests. RMS made that relatively easy, and what got me over the line was the communication tools through SMS and triggered correspondence. 
 Adrian Beckett, Executive Assistant Manager, Cable Beach Club Resort & SPA
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Product implementation
Weathering the storm with cloud-based software and real-time communication 

RMS' advanced cloud-based software meets Cable Beach Club's stringent safety procedures and unifies operations in one system. With direct SMS messaging and custom RMS Form Letters, management can reach guests instantly with triggered correspondence, keeping guests informed.

Adopting RMS' communication tools has significantly decreased inbound communication during cyclone warnings, minimising dozens of concerned guests visiting the front desk. With RMS technology in place, it has proven to increase trust and overall satisfaction among guests.

RMS has also enabled visibility across a centralised booking screen that shows custom lists and data, providing management with the right tools to manage operations and streamline the evacuation process.

Overall, the implementation of RMS software has proved to be an effective solution for Cable Beach Club's crisis management challenges, providing transparency, streamlined communication, and a unified emergency solution for guests during a natural disaster.

Unified cloud-based operations from any device 

Cable Beach Club has streamlined its operations with RMS' cloud-based technology, eliminating the need for 3rd party software and consolidating operations in one platform. RMS' powerful software helps manage 235 rooms with high guest turnover whilst maintaining the resort's luxury reputation. By unlocking advanced report tools, streamlining EOD settlements and accessing guest reservations in one screen – making assessments and reading data have never been easier for Cable Beach Club. 

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One solution to enhance and simplify guest experiences

By partnering with RMS, Cable Beach Club can now confidently connect staff and guests through the mighty RMS Guest Portal. RMS' intuitive software allows for real-time communication with guests whilst giving them full control and access to their booking information in the palm of their hand. With mobile technology, users can easily upload documents, request room service and connect with staff or the concierge to maximise their stay. It's the one-stop solution to meet all your guests' needs, and why Cable Beach Resort has incorporated the RMS Guest Portal into its digital strategy.  

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RMS proudly delivering one of the world's biggest hotel groups
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235 luxury rooms on one platform
350 staff making better guest experiences
Welcoming 10,000 guests annually  
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8+ restaurants, bars, and pool facilities 
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RMS has allowed our team and guests to communicate on a higher level. We are now able to customise our communications to keep guests informed with a professional outlook and personalised experience.

Adrian Beckett  Executive Assistant Manager – Cable Beach Club Resort & SPA
Partnership outcomes
Successful communication is just the beginning of operational growth with RMS technology

RMS' advanced property management software is designed to support growth and deliver guest experiences in one unified system. Cable Beach can now take a step forward in confidently communicating with guests regardless of volume. With many improvements within less than a year, RMS foresees a positive partnership moving forward with opportunities to improve operations and implement new technology initiatives such as centralising data, automating tasks and delivering memorable guest experiences – making unforgettable stays.

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