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Creating certainty in a difficult economy is paramount for this hotel

Quest Mt Maunganui, NZ
Known for its picturesque peninsula and sacred volcanic backdrop
Next-Gen payments solution with RMS PAY

A modern hotel designed for the modern guest experience

Quest Mt Maunganui was opened in June 2023 and is the 3rd property in the Bay of Plenty region. As a brand, Quest has had a technology-forward approach to business, looking to enhance the technology platform used by the franchisees, and the adoption of the RMS Pay platform is an example of that approach.  

Headed by Avelien and Tere Strickland, the Quest Mt Maunganui team are quickly adopting and immersing themselves in the RMS Pay technology that makes their work lives easier and more productive, while also improving the experience for their guests.   

Challenges Solved

Better payment processes 
  • Revenue better protected 
  • PCI compliance 
  • Efficient technology 
Most loved features

Improving the payment process 
  • Pre-authorisation
  • Payment links (SMS/Email) 
  • Automated night-audit 
  • Guest profile creation

RMS PAY integration definitely gives us confidence in our system and the accuracy of our records. It makes life so much easier.  
Avelien Strickland Director
Market fit
What industry challenges affect you most at Quest Mt Maunganui?

Creating certainty in a difficult economic period is really where we’re focusing right now and having an integrated system like RMS PAY adds value for us.  

Quest Mt Maunganui operates at a very high occupancy and situations like a no-show or last-minute cancellation can result in us not achieving our full revenue potential for that day. This means the old ‘pay-on-arrival' concept doesn’t provide us with enough assurance anymore. Allowing leisure guests to pay on arrival exposes us to situations like a debit or credit card with insufficient funds or a guest that has turned off their credit card so it can’t be charged.  

To mitigate this risk, we are utilising the pre-authorisation feature in RMS PAY to take a pre-auth for the accommodation charge ahead of time. When the guest arrives, we can take payment directly from the pre-auth and take pre-auth for incidentals as required. This feature has been particularly useful in managing our leisure guest reservations and gives us certainty that we’re getting paid, whilst protecting our business in case of no-shows or payment issues. 

Product implementation
What's changed for the better since you've adopted RMS PAY?

As new business owners and franchisees, we wanted to use the RMS PAY platform as it is a tool that is integrated into our RMS Property Management System, so there’s no disconnect between the bank and the operating system. For example, to process a refund to a credit card, I used to have to do it manually at the terminal and then log it in the PMS, but now I just jump in, click a button and it’s all done and synchronised. 

The integration also drastically reduces the risk of human error. RMS PAY integration gives us confidence in our system and the accuracy of our records. It makes life so much easier.  

From the guest perspective, using the guest profile tool means that a card token is tethered to the individual and/or the company, so their experience will be completely seamless when they come back. 

Lavender BG
RMS PAY has transformed the way Quest Mt Maunganui processes payments
Guests and staff love quick and easy payment links  
Pre-authorisations process in a click, securing the booking
The team no longer need to run a night audit
White_Module Market
Guest profile feature retains their card token and info about their stay

What I want to get across is that RMS PAY seamlessly integrates with our PMS, saves administration time, it ensures that we’re PCI DSS compliant, it makes doing transactions and pre-authorisations easy, and it reduces everything down to a click. It’s great!  

Avelien Strickland  Director
Which features do you love most and why?

Well, like we talked about earlier, the fact that we can so easily take a pre-authorisation and get payment from it is amazing. We can release the pre-auth for incidentals in the system with a simple click and the funds are released from our system immediately.  

For business travellers using a company credit card loaded in the system, it’s tokenised against the company itself rather than the individual guest, so we can take payment from that token for any employees booking under the company.  

I should also mention the pay links – we love them and it’s so easy to use! When we have a guest that wants to pay prior to arrival, we’ll send them a pay link via email or SMS, they can enter their credit card details and make payment – and we remain compliant to PCI standards at the same time.   

Something that’s really big for the Quest network is sustainability, and the Guest Portal feature contributes to that end. I’m able to send a digital registration card for the guest to sign before they arrive, I can take payment before they arrive and then they’re able to use the Quest App as their keycard when they arrive, to create a totally seamless, digital experience for their check-in.  


Which roles in your team benefit most from using RMS PAY?

Our reservations team benefit the most because RMS PAY helps to make their work really simple. Everything’s in one system, which is epic for them, and it makes internal communication easy.  

It helps us to be more efficient because we’re not having to review the same reservation repeatedly to check that everything’s in order. Features like marking a booking as confirmed or unconfirmed remind us of what is required before the guest arrives.  

As a business owner, it gives me confidence in our payments process; I know it’s helping my team to be more productive, and I can see my guests benefitting as well.  

How do your guests benefit from RMS PAY?

It’s so seamless for guests. What I really like is that there’s an option to store more than one token against a guest profile – for leisure or business – and we can charge the token for their next stay. From their perspective, it’s so convenient and they know that their card details are secure. 

I love that RMS PAY gives our guests the confidence and sense of payment card security from the get-go. We never see their details. It puts them in control, so they know their details are safe.  

And that’s the beauty of an integrated system – everything is click, click, done.  

Why would you recommend RMS PAY to your peers?

What I want to get across is that RMS PAY seamlessly integrates with our PMS, saves administration time, it ensures that we’re PCI DSS compliant, it makes doing transactions and pre-authorisations easy, and it reduces everything down to a click. It’s great!   


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