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Discovery Philippines

Empowering Seamless Operations with Advanced Tech Solutions 

Renowned luxury hotels across the Philippines
687 rooms across 7 locations 
Advanced PMS solutions for luxury hotels 

Solutions That Make A Difference 

Explore the charm of Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC) Philippines, home to premier establishments in Manila, Boracay Island, Palawan and Samal Island in Davao. Celebrated for its legendary brand of service, the Discovery Hotels and Resorts brand is a front-runner in local hospitality.

Devoted to elevating guest and staff experiences through technological innovation, Discovery properties are dedicated to pioneering the Philippine hospitality industry with cutting-edge design and unparalleled service excellence. Learn how RMS Cloud is changing the industry with innovative tech solutions.

Solution 1: Simplistic Reservations 


Discovery Properties sought advancements beyond their previous provider's reservation system and required easy usability for their front desk staff. The imperative was a user-friendly system that empowers their team, providing them the time and tools to elevate guest experiences.


The RMS reservation screen is at the heart of Discovery Properties' new guest management system, acclaimed for its intuitive design and usability. The simplicity of navigating RMS' reservation functionalities allows staff to execute bookings and manage room allocations from within one screen. It is a coherent solution that delivers a user-friendly staff experience, enhances profile look-up, streamlines daily tasks, manages guest reservations (adding and editing), and checks guests in and out. RMS' intuitive interface ensures that reservations are executed swiftly and precisely, eliminating the hindrance of outdated and timely manual processes. 


Introducing a user-friendly reservation system has remarkably improved Discovery Properties' staff confidence and efficiency when managing reservations. RMS technology ensures that staff interactions are smooth rather than obstructive, maximising overall productivity and guest experience at check-in and out. It is the golden solution to making staff happier and guests even happier!

One sees the guest profile, reservation and account sections all in one screen, hence, no need to exit. That in itself allows the staff to be more engaged with the guest and save time. 

- MARLA B. SECOQUIAN | Vice President and Head of Revenue & Analytics



Solution 2: Efficient Rate Setting 


When managing Rate Setup, the prior PMS experience called for manual adjustments by the accounting team. Discovery Properties identified a notable pain point in the manual process of configuring various packages and reconciling multiple location accounts. It proved cumbersome and prone to human errors, significantly impacting staff performance and their bottom line.


Discovery Properties' front desk and accounts team have acknowledged RMS' robust Rate Manager as a superior solution. The pricing structure, applied to various reservation types, allows staff to calculate reservations automatically based on factors such as the day of the week, number of guests, or length of stay. With proficiency in rate creation, the staff now have the ability to set up packages, automatically allocating customised rate setups across the different locations for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. 


Now, when configuring a rate or package, the Discovery Properties' team can seamlessly allocate room revenue without the need for extensive back-end manual adjustments, marking a notable improvement in efficiency and reconciliation.  


They [Discovery staff] find it valuable that packages can be set up, with package elements seamlessly allocated across different revenue outlets. This is a significant improvement from our previous PMS, where manual adjustments by the accounting team were necessary.

- MARLA B. SECOQUIAN | Vice President and Head of Revenue & Analytics


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Product Solution: RMS IBE

Discovery Hotels and Resorts is transitioning from external integrated partners to fully adopting RMS Cloud's IBE product. By embracing RMS' IBE, Discovery seamlessly removes the need for OTA booking sites and third-party integrations, directing guests through their own website. This strategic shift allows Discovery to bypass existing third-party booking channels, leading to reduced fees and a smoother online booking process. Leveraging RMS' booking engine contributes to a financially savvy approach for Discovery Hotels and Resorts, providing enhanced control over reservations within a unified system.


It not only streamlines our booking processes but also contributes to cost reduction. By disengaging OTA bookings and directing them through RMS' booking engine, we can avoid [third-party booking channels] resulting in reduced reservation fees. It's a strategic move that enhances our cost-effectiveness.

- MARLA B. SECOQUIAN | Vice President and Head of Revenue & Analytics



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